We were born with the desire of transforming the world

We are a gathering of passionate people who believe that the sum of their efforts in social, environmental and cultural actions is capable of creating great revolutions

Revolutions that transform lives. Lives that transform the world.

With the idea of transforming the world through an inclusive and fair work, which is carried out by means of unity and knowledge, in 2005 we created Synergia with the purpose of leveraging socioenvironmental development.

Our growth reflects this state of mind. Thus, in 2012, we became part of TPF Group (Third Party Financing), headquartered in Belgium and acting in the engineering, management and infrastructure areas. The group is formed of 50 branches and has subsidiaries in 71 countries.

In the following year, we obtained the international quality certificate ISO:9001, regarding the planning, preparation and execution of social, urbanistic and environmental programs. With more than 15 years of actuation in integrating actions aimed at planning, execution and management of socioenvironmental projects in conjunction with our partners, today we are one of the market-leading consultancies.

We are innovators. We bet on the boldness of using technology to think of human solutions.

Our story

  • 2021

    Joining the United Nations Global Compact

    Consolidation of the Synergia Study Center, the Software Factory and the Socio-environmental Education Center

  • 2020

    1.2 million people attended

  • 2019

    Building the 2020/2030 Future Vision

  • 2017

    Adoption of a Systemic Management Model

  • 2015

    Start of operations to repair social-environmental damage in disasters

  • 2013

    We received the ISO:9001

    Implementation of the "Social and Environmental Intelligence System"

  • 2012

    Entry of the TPF group into the body of shareholders

    Opening of the branch on the African continent
    Inauguração da filial no continente africano

  • 2011

    Beginning of the 1st international project, in Mozambique

  • 2010

    100 thousand people attended

  • 2008

    Opening of the 1st branch in Recife - Pernambuco

  • 2005

    Synergia Foundation

We’re all on the same side.

We’re all transformational agents. We’re Synergia.

Human capital synthesizes our strength

Woman showing a book for two others
Two people being filmed
Children performing recreational activities
Group of women analyzing a map
Children participating in a gymkhana
Elderly man in a hat

Our differentials

Investments in technology
Agile performance
Multidisciplinary team
Unique methodologies
Adaptable infrastructure
Integrated processes

Investments in Technology

With a primary focus in human relations, we constantly update our technological platforms and social methodologies, ensuring the customization of each project according with its needs.
Work With Us
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Purpose and Values

To support the evolution of people, communities and organizations that, when faced with socio-environmental challenges, create unprecedented solutions, contributing to the emergence of a fair, solidary, inclusive, and prosperous society.
  • Courage to work for internal and external changes
  • Commitment to doing things right
  • Respect for diversity
  • Ethics guides all our practices

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