Conflict mediation in the Lavras Housing Complex

Conflict mediation in the Lavras Housing Complex

The project, carried out in partnership with DUCTOR, was responsible for serving the 600 families removed from areas affected by floods or resettled due to the construction of the Várzea do Tietê Park. The work included the Lavras Housing Complex, in Guarulhos/SP, which is part of the “Minha Casa, Minha Vida” program, and has a total of 1,460 housing units.

Led by women, the community assumed the social responsibility of taking care of the condominium environment.

Aiming at integrating families and consolidating positive bonds between residents and the new housing, Synergia’s technical team promoted home visits, participatory workshops, community fairs and experiences that stimulated discussions in democratic and participative spaces. In addition to these, it was possible to apply methodologies to encourage community organization, women’s empowerment and the social appropriation of common spaces in the housing complex.

As a fundamental part of the project, the adaptation and evolution of the living conditions of the resettled population, the process of social and economic reinsertion of families and the environmental quality of the condominium were also monitored. All stages involved the participation of residents.

Applied resources

  • Studies and diagnostics
  • Development of management technology for socio-environmental projects
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Communication, monitoring and follow-up of stakeholders
  • Monitoring, analysis and modeling of socioeconomic data
  • Technical Social Work
  • Graphic, audiovisual and multimedia creation and production
  • Relationship with communities
  • Participatory local management
  • Database creation and monitoring
  • Mediation and conflict management
Technical sheet

Business Sector: Infrastructure

Location: São Paulo

Period: 2017 - 2019

Client: São Paulo State Department of Water and Electricity (DAEE) Partner: DUCTOR

Scope: Lavras neighborhood, Guarulhos / SP

Goal: Post-occupation monitoring of the Lavras Housing Complex to monitor the integration of 600 families.

Results: Social integration of families from different origins; leaders trained in participatory methodologies; residents' autonomy for the management of the condominium and women's empowerment.

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Words by who took part

With the work, the community assumed a responsibility over the condominium. There was an integration of the community, led by women, which reached the integration of the condominium with the neighborhood.
Marcileia Toledo PROJECT MANAGER
Marcileia Toledo
Marcileia Toledo PROJECT MANAGER
Marcileia Toledo

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