Register of impacted by the Fundão tailings dam

Register of impacted by the Fundão tailings dam

Since the Fundão dam rupture in Mariana, SAMARCO, at first, and the RENOVA Foundation, after being constituted, have taken actions to identify the population affected by the disaster and their needs for reparation for material or immaterial losses, such as: loss relatives, real estate and paralysis of economic and productive activities.

Until now, the Emergency Registry, carried out immediately after the disaster, and the Integrated Registry – Phase 1, were carried out, where a more detailed and comprehensive survey of the affected families and the impacts resulting from the disaster was carried out, allowing the obtaining of the necessary information construction of remedial measures for those affected, totaling 98,204 thousand people, who are part of 30 thousand families.

The registration of the families affected by the Fundão Dam breach allowed a deep knowledge of the social conditions and the losses suffered by the communities, which was essential for the evaluation of the compensation.

Over 4 years, more than 130 professionals contributed to the process of repairing the damage caused to those impacted. 98,204 people were served, located in 40 municipalities, and 34,695 portfolios delivered.

The registration also involved the realization of 10,042 equity appraisal reports, which allowed to measure the material losses of each property affected by the disaster.

We have built a solid methodology and a competent team. We review processes, plan, set goals, create indicators, action plans and, finally, meet deadlines and assumed commitments.

Applied resources

  • Registration and/or socioeconomic characterization
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Database creation and monitoring
  • Evaluation of socioeconomic and environmental impacts
  • Cartographic surveys and georeferenced information system
  • Monitoring, analysis and modeling of socioeconomic data
  • Communication, monitoring and monitoring of stakeholders
  • Graphic, audiovisual and multimedia creation and production
  • Relationship with communities
  • Mediation and conflict management
  • Conflict management assistance in environmental disasters
  • Studies and diagnostics
  • Property and real estate valuation reports
  • Repair management in environmental disasters
Technical sheet

Business Sector: Mining, Steel and Petrochemical Industry

Location: Minas Gerais

Period: 2016 – 2020

Client: RENOVA Foundation

Scope: 40 municipalities (Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, Brazil).

Goal: To collect information on those impacted and to measure the losses of families due to the rupture of the Fundão tailings dam, supporting with technical data the establishment of a fair and adequate repair.

Results: Survey of data from more than 30 thousand families under the Renova Foundation Registration Program, which made it possible to verify the social conditions and losses suffered, to support the calculation of indemnities.

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Words by who took part

The team's interaction with impacted families was challenging throughout the context. Closing all the reports and portfolios of the families impacted is rewarding. Thinking that this should generate a reward for them makes the work make sense.
Valéria Sampaio
Valéria Sampaio

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