Synergia presents the current scenario of the Xingu Regional Sustainable Development Plan at the 1st Environmental Concert in Altamira

Posted in: 06/09/2022

With the mission of presenting and debating the environmental situation and all proposals for forest conservation in the Trans-Amazonian region, the 1st Environmental Concert of Altamira was held from June 2nd to 5th, with the participation of professors and researchers. from all over the country, national and international non-governmental organizations, cooperatives, technicians and professionals specialized in the themes.

Elisangela Trzeciack, project coordinator at Synergia, was one of these specialized professionals invited and presented the current stage of execution of the PDRSX (Sustainable Regional Development Plan of the Xingu) projects, which Synergia has been managing since 2021.

Elisangela gave a historical retrospective of the PDRSX, reminding the packed auditorium that, since it was created by decree 7340 in 2010, the PDRSX had a budget allocation of 500 million Reais for projects that promote regional development in 10 municipalities in the area of ​​influence of the UHE Belo Monte.

Since it was implemented, the PDRSX has supported 362 projects, divided into eight thematic axes and described by Synergia’s coordinator during her presentation:

Axis 1 – Territorial planning, land regularization and environmental management;

Axis 2 – Infrastructure for development;

Axis 3 – Promotion of sustainable productive activities;

Axis 4 – Social inclusion and citizenship;

Axis 5 – Monitoring and accompaniment of socio-environmental constraints in Belo Monte;

Axis 6 – Indigenous peoples and traditional communities;

Axis 7 – Health;

Axis 8 – Education.

For each axis, Elisangela highlighted the main projects, indicating the financial contribution that each axis received and highlighted that the shared management experiences have been bringing important lessons to support the PDRSX in the future.

“We are in a moment of transition in the governance of the PDRSX. In the coming weeks there will be a selection process for new members for the new management committee, and it is very important that the dialogue on preservation, combined with sustainable development, has the participation of all interested actors”, emphasized Elisangela.

The 1st Altamira Environmental Concert featured a rich program, with round tables and lectures on bioeconomy, rural harmony, tourism, forest repair and recomposition and proposals for promoting sustainable development based on forest conservation, in addition to a Bioeconomy Products Fair in which participants were able to learn about the work of artisans and craftswomen, and taste local cuisine. To watch the event tables, access the Municipality of Altamira channel on YouTube:

Caption: Elisangela Trzeciack, project coordinator at Synergia, participated in the 1st Environmental Concert in Altamira
SDG3 – Good healthy and well-being
SDG4 – Quality education
SDG10 – Reduced inequalities
SDG11 – Sustainable cities and communities

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