Amazon Dialogues: event brought debates on the creation of policies and strategies for the Amazon region

Posted in: 08/08/2023

The event “ Amazon Dialogues: ” – held between the 4th and 6th of August, in Belém (PA) – brought together specialists, representatives of entities, social movements, researchers and government agencies from Brazil and other Amazonian countries to discuss solutions for the future of the territory.

The main objective of the meeting was the debate on the creation of policies and strategies for the sustainable development of the Amazon region. From these debates, reports and proposals will be formulated and delivered to the heads of state and representatives of the 15 countries participating in the Amazon Summit – which takes place between the 8th and 9th of August, also in Belém.

Cacique Raoni in Diálogos Amazônicos,Photo-Bruno-Peres_ASCOM-SG-PR
Cacique Raoni, one of the main indigenous leaders in Brazil, participated in the meeting. Photo: Bruno Peres/ASCOM SG (PR)

External financing , food security in the territory and the fight against organized crime and illegal deforestation were some of the topics addressed, in addition to the guidelines focused on specific audiences – such as the discussion of the situation of young people, women and black people in the Amazon region.

As part of the program, five debates were highlighted throughout the event:

  • “Participation and protection of territories, activists, civil society and forest and water peoples in the sustainable development of the Amazon. Eradication of slave labor in the territory”;
  • “Health, sovereignty and food and nutrition security in the Amazon region: emergency actions and structuring policies”;
  • “How to think about the Amazon for the future based on science, technology, innovation and academic research, and energy transition”;
  • “Climate change, agroecology and the sociobioeconomies of the Amazon: sustainable management and new production models for regional development”;
  • “The indigenous peoples of the Amazon: a new inclusive project for the region”.

One of the most important moments of the event was the launch of the collective letter with demands for the heads of state, carried out by the popular movements of the pan-Amazonian countries. The letter, which contains 29 claims , highlights the need for titling indigenous and quilombola lands and the urgency of actions to avoid the “ point of no return” in the Amazon – pointed out by specialists as the moment when it will no longer be possible to recover the land. biome.

Marina Silva in Diálogos Amazônicos Foto-Audiovisual_PR
Marina Silva, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, warned of the “point of no return” for the Amazon in her speech. Photo: Audiovisual/PR

The events “Amazon Dialogues: ” and the Amazon Summit are part of the sustainable regional development agenda that has also been designed to encourage regeneration actions and the use of solutions based on nature to preserve the territory and avoid the causes and effects of climate change in the world.

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