Ambition 2030: UN Global Compact reinforces commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Posted in: 07/17/2022

Ambition 2030 launch event. Photo: ©Global Pact
Ambition 2030 launch event. Photo: ©Global Pact

The United Nations (UN) Global Compact Network Brazil recently launched the “ Ambition 2030 ” initiative, calling for private sector companies to actively participate in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The organization’s proposal is to accelerate actions in favor of the goals of the ONU’s 2030 Agenda , which at this moment seem to be far from being achieved. For this, it is essential to have private companies adhere to commitments to reduce socio-environmental impacts and towards sustainability .

Check out the launch video of Ambition 2030 and learn about the Movements of the Global Compact Brazil Network

One of the points raised by the initiative is related to adherence to the 7 proposed movements , which address issues such as gender equity, climate, health, access to water and human rights. Are they:

Mind in Focus Movement – ​​seeks to promote health and well-being within companies and organizations (ODS 3);

2030 Elas Lead Movement – ​​seeks to achieve gender equity goals within companies (ODS 5);

Movement + Water – aims at the universalization of sanitation and water security in Brazil (ODS 6);

Living Wage Movement – ​​seeks to guarantee 100% of a living wage for male and female workers in companies participating in the Pact (ODS 8);

Race is Priority Movement – ​​seeks to promote the inclusion of black people, indigenous people, quilombolas, among other ethnic groups considered to be minorities, in the labor market and in leadership positions (ODS 10);

Net Zero Ambition Movement – ​​aims to collaborate directly with the carbon emission reduction targets (ODS13);

100% Transparency Movement – ​​aims to combat corruption within private institutions (ODS 16).

According to Global Compact Brazil Network, at the time of the launch of Ambition 2030, 150 companies had already signed public commitments with the initiatives of the Global Compact. The objective is for these companies to present and assume goals, actions and detailed strategies for the effective achievement of the most important SDGs for Brazil.

Synergia is in the Global Compact as a participant and has been actively contributing to the actions proposed by the Compact through internal and external actions.

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