Antiracism Guide: to understand racism, the issues faced by the black population in Brazil and learn how to be antiracist

Posted in: 03/03/2021

The Black Consciousness Month has passed. But fighting racism needs to be a daily task. Discussions of issues such as representativeness, proportionality and fairness cannot fail to be part of our daily lives. They are fundamental for building the basis for an anti-racist society and against prejudice.

That is why Synergia launched the Antiracism Guide.

We believe that only through education and awareness raising will we be able to build a society that demands appropriate public policies and affirmative action to combat racism and move towards a more just collectivity.

The Antiracism Guide was a material produced for our internal campaign for Black Consciousness Month. But it took on a life of its own, proving to be so rich and complete in its approach to racial issues that we felt the need to share it externally.

The initiative also came about at the request of employees, who saw in this material one of the main topics of the Synergia manifesto: working to support the evolution of individuals, communities, and organizations.  

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Some of what you will find in our Anti-Racism Guide

To cover the issues in a more comprehensive way, the Antiracism Guide has been divided into three parts. Check it out!

Main issues involving the black population in Brazil

In the first part of the Guide, we bring six important themes to start understanding some of the situations that afflict the black Brazilian population, as well as the origin of these problems.

These are fundamental topics for the evolution in the act of understanding the need for respect for dignity and racial differences:

  • Structural racism and its consequences in society
  • Representativeness and proportionality
  • Place of speech and careful listening to issues of blackness
  • Consumption and appropriation of black culture and standards of beauty
  • Affirmative educational policies and quotas
  • Educational process of becoming antiracist and fighting racism.

For an immersion in the theme of blackness and antiracism

To help you continue on your anti-racism journey, in the second part of the Guide, we have separated material with several content formats that address issues of blackness and how to end prejudice.

Here you will find suggestions of:

  • Books
  • Websites
  • Magazines, articles, columns, notebooks, and newspapers
  • Podcasts
  • Movies, documentaries and series
  • Youtube channels
  • TED Talks
  • Courses
  • Games

And, of course, Instagram profiles to follow, including intellectuals who help understand racism in Brazil and produce content on the subject.

Racist expressions that we should exclude from our vocabulary

In the last part of our Antiracist Guide you will find a small dictionary of expressions that reinforce prejudice and discrimination. Many of them are reproduced only out of ignorance.

So, this is your opportunity to know the origin of these expressions and understand why we can no longer say them.

Read, be aware, and, of course, spread antiracism

Are you curious about this incredible material? We hope so.

That is why we have made available for you to download the complete Antiracism Guide. 

Click here to download

There are 79 pages of content, created with a lot of research, dedication, and hope that this guide can be, at least, a small step towards a society with more opportunities for the black population, based on equity, representation and zero prejudice.

Download your guide and share this idea!


Let’s be antiracist!

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