Brazil’s population exceeds 213 million inhabitants, according to IBGE estimates

Posted in: 09/18/2021

Photo: Roberto Casimiro – Fotoarena Agência O Globo

The Brazilian population will reach 213.3 million inhabitants in 2021, according to the estimate of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). The growth was 0.7% in comparison with the population of 2020, estimated at 211.8 million people.

São Paulo remains the most populous state in the country, with 46.65 million inhabitants, followed by Minas Gerais (21.41 million) and Rio de Janeiro, with 17.46 million. Roraima (652.7 thousand), Amapá (877.6 thousand) and Acre (906.9 thousand) are the ones with less than a million inhabitants.

The total IBGE estimate is 213,317,639 people living in Brazil. In the count among the regions, the Southeast continues to be the most populous, with 89,632,912 inhabitants. The Midwest has the fewest inhabitants, with 16,707,336.

The IBGE did not consider, however, the effects of the pandemic in the population estimate, which should only be accounted for after the Demographic Census scheduled to be held in 2022. It is worth noting that the research that would be carried out this year was canceled after IBGE was cut off from resources.

According to the Institute, the next Census will disclose both the updated population numbers and the “future population projections, fundamental to understand the implications of the pandemic on the population in the short, medium, and long term.”


We highlight the main news about IBGE’s new estimate for the Brazilian population. Check it out!

Brazil’s estimated population reaches 213.3 million in 2021

Brazil’s population increases 0.7% and passes 213 million, according to IBGE

IBGE disregards the pandemic factor when calculating the population and estimates that Brazil has 213.3 million inhabitants

Brazil’s population exceeds 213 million inhabitants

Brazilian population reaches 213.3 million people in 2021, says IBGE

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