Sustainable Development Goals are the theme of Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs. Check out the exclusive illustrations!

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The 2023 Calendar: The Synergy of the SDGs brings a proposal completely different from anything we’ve done before. For this edition, we brought nine Brazilian artists , with exclusive illustrations inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals. Their choice was due to the immense quality of their works, and the context of diversity they represent.

Through paintings, watercolors, collages and other forms of creation, they presented their views on the SDGs , producing works that reinforce Synergia’s initiatives with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations (UN) ) in line with the 2030 Agenda .

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Meet the guest artists to illustrate the 2023 Calendar: The Synergy of the SDGs

With the proposal of Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs , the artists worked with elements, colors and shapes that represented the idealization of the SDGs, such as more sustainable cities, reduction of inequalities and quality education.

Meet the artists and check out the arts that were produced exclusively for this year’s calendar:

Alexia Ferreira – @colagemnegra

He works directly with digital and manual collage, bringing in his works a vision that goes far beyond an anthropological blackness, within his works it is possible to see the rescue of a blackness focused on the ontological being. Along with this, the artist is a Philosophy student and holds a Bachelor’s degree from the State University of Ceará, and focuses on the study of African philosophies and art as a tool for questioning and knowledge.

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Diego Medeiros – @odiegomedeiros

Digital illustrator and designer, he graduated in cinema and studies animation design. He portrays in his arts social issues, mental health, motivation, politics, art and culture. Among his main illustration projects are the book “I already know what autism is, and you?”, by Editora Appris, the book “Imperatriz”, by Manu Pastor – independent publication, the art “O Gambito da Rainha”, for the Queue Magazine, Netflix, the art for the mural “México”, at Restaurante Catrina (RJ), and the art for the mural “Gênero”, by Grupo Real (MG).

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Ju Loyola – @loyola_ju

Graduated from Escola Panamericana de Arte & Design, she is a cartoonist and illustrator. Currently, she draws comics in the form of visual narrative without a script (silent story), such as the already published independent works “ The Witch Who Loved ” and “Maria Lua & Cia – Aventura das Estrelas”, by Conrad.

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Julia Pissolato – @pissolarts

Visual arts student at UFMG, she is an illustrator and graphic artist. She has digital and traditional illustrations, more aimed at children and youth, and works with research in the area of ​​abstraction. Among her projects, she made illustrations for the magazine Superinteressante, the “Projeto Diário” – where she portrays everyday situations based on feelings – and produces reinterpretations of animations.

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Paloma Santos –

An illustrator, her drawings portray women in all their diversity and their experience as women with disabilities. In 2018, she started the “Real Princesses” project, in which princesses from films and animations are redesigned with diversities. Another project is the series “PCDs PUTOS”, in which she portrays angry people with disabilities, humanizing frustrations and breaking stereotypes of “great heroes”, “examples” and “special people”.

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Radhi Meron – @hey.radhi

Screenwriter, artist and educator graduated from the School of Communications and Arts at USP. She has collaborated as a screenwriter and animator on several television and film projects, in addition to producing and writing award-winning short films at festivals around the world. Currently, she dedicates herself to writing and illustrating projects aimed at children.

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Sebastião Natalio – @sebastiaonatalio

Graduated in journalism from UEPG. He studied Art History, architecture, drawing and modeling in ceramics and fiberglass, at institutions such as the Alfredo Andersen Museum and the Paraná Design Institute. He uses unconventional materials in his works, such as earth, papier-mâché (“With what face do we stay?”, 2008), cardboard and other papers (“Ácido Movimento”, 2017, and in selected works). In 1996, he produced the series “Mãos na Terra” with earth, leaves and wood.

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Tai Silva – @ixe_tai

Native to Mairi (Belém-PA), visual artist and teacher, graduated in Fashion and Master in Communication and Semiotics at PUC-SP. In her works of illustration and comics, she talks about empowerment and narratives of Amazonian women, in addition to the rescue of the ancestral culture of the region to which she belongs. He participated in publications such as “ Death Hunt ” ( Pow Entertainment and Eleven Dragons , 2022), “Visage Stories for Evil Children” (2022), “Collapse” (Peba, 2021) and “Women & Comics” (Skrypt, 2020).

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Thiago Palazzi –

He has been working at Synergia since 2013, in the Creation area, where he maintains direct contact with paints and brushes, studying, mainly, calligraphy and lettering . Her painting works, whenever possible, are added to those of Synergia, among the most significant are: illustration of the 2019 end-of-year box “Territorios de Synergia” and the watercolors of the Synergia Women’s Month campaign, which became the plaques from the meeting rooms at Synergia’s headquarters in São Paulo.

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

Attention: The images that make up this calendar are the property of Synergia Socioambiental, protected by copyright. Reproduction is prohibited, unless prior and express authorization is given.

The previous images are clippings of the arts, to see the whole version just download the calendar !

The choice of the 2023 Calendar theme

For this year, the 17 SDGs portrayed in the 2023 Calendar: The Synergy of the SDGs , by each artist, are a global appeal , which address the main development challenges faced in Brazil and in the world.

Thus, the calendar expresses the Synergy of the SDGs, that is, the relationship between Synergia’s initiatives and the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN in accordance with the 2030 Agenda , which includes action plans to reduce inequalities and make society and the more sustainable planet.

In its 17 years, Synergia has been developing communities and territories , with solutions that, supported by Socio-Environmental Intelligence , are reflected in the realization of socio-environmental projects of the most diverse themes and dimensions.

In 2022, we adhered to the Global Compact and joined the UN SDG Ambition Program , strengthening the commitment to achieving and maintaining gender equality in our team. We are also committed to ensuring that by 2030, 50% of management positions and 25% of senior management positions in the company are held by self-declared black or brown people. Today, we are also a Certified B Corp.

We are directly involved with actions in favor of other SDGs , such as eradicating poverty, quality education, decent work and economic growth, reducing inequalities and achieving peace, justice and effective institutions.

And the 2023 Calendar: The Synergy of the SDGs reflects some of the commitment and involvement that we have dedicated to sustainable development and the reduction of inequalities . Come with us!

Calendar 2023: The Synergy of the SDGs

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