Synergia presents solutions to face climate emergencies at the Brazilian Climate Change Conference (CBMC) in Natal

Posted in: 10/19/2023

Synergia Socioambiental was present at the 5th Brazilian Climate Change Conference (CBMC) in Natal, between the 4th and 6th of October, with the panel on “ Climate Emergencies: what are the challenges and paths for a climate adaptation and management strategy and prevention of risks for municipalities ”. 

The panel was mediated by Gabriela Goulart , specialist in Environmental Management at Synergia, and had the participation of Keila Ferreira , low carbon and resilience coordinator at ICLEI South America, Luiz Rielli , researcher at the University of Lisbon in Environment, Climate and Energy and Partner of the consultancy NOVí, and Thiago Mesquita , Municipal Secretary of Environment and Urbanism (SEMURB) of Natal. 

During the conversation, the participants listed the challenges faced by companies, states and municipalities in facing climate emergencies , the identification of solutions to minimize risks and the importance of including society in this type of solution. 

The guests also emphasized the importance of the participatory process in the construction and guarantee of an efficient master plan, taking into account the perspective of those who live in the territories and, also, with their contributions in the process of elaborating the actions that can be implemented . 

For Gabriela Goulart, the panel opened an important space for debate on adaptation practices: “We had the opportunity to provide a discussion with different points of view on the same subject, to enrich the topic of climate adaptation ”, she comments. 

Opening of CBMC with video by Adriana Barros. Photo: Synergia
Synergia panel highlighted the importance of the participatory process for climate adaptation. Photo: Synergia

At the end of the conversation, the survey “ What climate do you want for the future?” ”, made with the support of CBMC. Based on the responses, people’s level of participation and knowledge about discussion forums and decision-making on climate adaptation in municipalities will be analyzed. 

In addition, the Synergia Carbon Credit and Social Carbon Guide was launched , which provides information on the types of credits that exist, the challenges and processes for obtaining these credits, among others. 

Synergia at CBMC in Natal 

CBMC has been opening up space for debates and combating climate change for five years , and Synergia Socioambiental, as one of the companies co-leading CBMC, has reinforced its commitment. 

For Adriana Barros, Institutional Relations manager at Synergia, participation in the climate agenda shows the importance of being part of the discussions and propositions: “The urgency in combating climate change and promoting social justice requires an integrated positioning of companies, governments and society civil. Being close to the discussions and participating in decision-making processes , expands the possibilities and contributions of Synergia Socioambiental in this agenda, as a company that achieves, proposes and as an agent of transformation”, she points out. 

SDG11 – Sustainable cities and communities
SDG13 – Climate action

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