Check out the release of the documentary “DocCidade”, which discusses cultural identity in the outskirts of São Paulo and was sponsored by Synergia

Posted in: 11/09/2022

The documentary “DocCidade” will be released today, November 9 , a project that records and amplifies the flowering of journalism, communication and culture in the city of São Paulo , based on stories told by 05 characters from peripheral social movements of the capital.

The project – idealized by Énois Laboratório de Jornalismo, carried out by Visionária Lab and sponsored by Synergia Socioambiental – intends to contribute to the appreciation of the ways of communicating of young people from the periphery , by documenting the cultural movements that occupy the city of São Paulo , and show how they influence its organization and use.

Check out the synopsis of the documentary

Luiz Lucas, a young journalist from Jd. Aracati / Jd. Ângela, South Zone of São Paulo, meets references and important landmarks of peripheral communication and culture. Discovering how this story reverberates in his work as a professional journalist and communicator.

Doc is a record-celebration of the popular communication movement of the last 10 years in the city of São Paulo.

With: Luiz Lucas, Jéssica Moreira, Ronaldo Matos, Binho and Dandara Pilar

Distribution: independent and impact circuit

Duration: 35 minutes.

Format: full HD mp4.

Accessibility: Libras, Subtitles and Audiodescription

Documentary “DocCidade”. Photo: reproduction
Documentary discusses cultural identity on the outskirts of São Paulo. Photo: reproduction

The documentary “DocCidade” will be released at 7 pm, at Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade, Rua Três Rios 363, São Paulo, SP . To watch, just pick up tickets one hour in advance, at the screening location.

The project will also be launched in several spaces in the center and on the outskirts and will be translated into Libras , audio description and subtitles , as tools for communication accessibility. The film will also present the making off with the production process and the reflections on urban youth culture carried out throughout it, through social networks.

Exhibitions continue until November 22, according to the following schedule:

Check out the locations and showing times of the documentary “DocCidade”

São Paulo – Central Region

Launch of DocCidade

November 09, 2022.

Thursday at 7pm.

Location: Oswald de Andrade Cultural Workshop

Rua Três Rios 363, São Paulo, SP.

Free access.

Capacity: 30 seats.

Tickets are released 1 hour in advance.


2nd Exhibition

November 10, 2022

Thursday, time to be determined.

Location: Occupation July 9th.

Rua Álvaro de Carvalho, 427 – Bela Vista, São Paulo – SP.


3rd Exhibition

November 11, 2022.

Friday at 7:30 pm.

Location: Oswald de Andrade Cultural Workshop.

Rua Três Rios 363, São Paulo, SP.

Capacity: 30 seats.

Tickets are released 1 hour in advance.


São Paulo – East Zone

4th Exhibition

November 19th, 2022.

Saturday, at 5 pm.

Location: Art in Construction Cultural Center.

Avenida dos Metalúrgicos 2100 – Cidade Tiradentes, São Paulo, SP.


São Paulo – Northwest Zone

5th Exhibition

November 26, 2022.

Saturday at 7pm.

Location: Canhoba Artistic Occupation.

  1. Canhoba, 299 – Vila Fanton, Perus, São Paulo – SP.


São Paulo – South Zone

6th Exhibition

November 30, 2022

Wednesday at 2:30 pm

Location: Capão Redondo Culture Factory

Rua Bacia de São Francisco, S/N – Cohab – Jardim São Bento or Rua Algard –

Cohab. Jardim São Bento – São Paulo/SP

 7th Exhibition

December 1st, 2022.

Thursday at 7:30 pm

Location: Centro Cultural Santo Amaro

Av. João Dias – 822, São Paulo, SP.

 8th Exhibition

December 10, 2022.

Location: Solano Trindade Agency – as part of the PerifaTalks / Festival Percurso event

Rua Batista Crespo 105, São Paulo, SP.

 9th Exhibition

Porto Feliz

November 12, 2022

Location: Headquarters of the Maria Geruncia de Jesus Popular Movement Association

Av. Silvio Brand Correia, 952, Jardim Vante – Porto Feliz /SP

 10th Exhibition

Magalhães School

November 22, 2022

Tuesday at 7pm

Location: EE Professor Luiz Magalhães de Araújo

Estrada do M’Boi Mirim, 3583 – Jardim Coimbra, São Paulo – SP.


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