History of COPs: infographic shows the main events since the 1st. Conference of the Parties (COP), the UN climate change convention

Posted in: 11/28/2023

History of COPs: check out the infographic!


Do you know the history of COPs ? On this page, you will see a complete infographic with the main events and decisions taken at each of the COPs held – from the first, in Berlin, to COP27, which took place last year, in Egypt.

Since 2021 , Synergia Socioambiental has been following and providing daily, almost real-time coverage of the Conference of the Parties (COP), the United Nations (UN) climate change convention.

At COP26 , the most relevant events and discussions at the conference were reported by our representatives, Luiz Eduardo Rielli , who participated in the event in person in Glasgow, and Ricardo Young .

During COP27 , Luiz Eduardo Rielli, who followed the event directly from Egypt , and José Alberto Gonçalves Pereira brought their opinions and analyzes on the most important issues at the conference.

This year, Synergia Socioambiental and Envolverde are coming together to bring all the information about COP28 to you, on the campaign page – which will soon go live.

And, to open our coverage of COP28, we put together an infographic with the history of the COPs so far. Check out!

History of COPs: check out the infographic - introductory text History of COPs: COP1 History of COPs: COP2 History of COPs: COP3 History of COPs: COP4 History of COPs: COP5 History of COPs: COP6 History of COPs: COP7 History of COPs: COP8History of COPs: COP9 History of COPs: COP10 History of COPs: COP11 History of COPs: COP12 History of COPs: COP13 History of COPs: COP14 History of COPs: COP15 History of COPs: COP16 History of COPs: COP17 History of COPs: COP18 History of COPs: COP19 History of COPs: COP20History of COPs: COP21 History of COPs: COP22 History of COPs: COP23 History of COPs: COP24 History of COPs: COP25 History of COPs: COP26 History of COPs: COP27

* Infographic produced through cooperation between Synergia and Envolverde to cover COP 28.


And, tomorrow, as we warm up to COP28, you can check out complete content on what to expect from the next Conference of the Parties! Don’t miss it!

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