Live “Encouraging equity and female entrepreneurship” closes the Synergia 2022 Women’s Month campaign – Legados

Posted in: 04/04/2022

Encouraging equity and female entrepreneurship

Encouraging equity and female entrepreneurship was the theme of the closing Live of the Synergia 2022 Women’s Month Campaign – Legacies .

Andrea Alvares – Vice President of Brand, Innovation, Internationalization and Sustainability at Natura – and Maria Albuquerque , founder and CEO of Synergia Consultoria , brought their experiences in the corporate world and talked about experiences and points of view on equity and female entrepreneurship.

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Watch the Live “Encouraging equity and female entrepreneurship”

The meeting also brought about the debate of several issues that cross the daily lives of women in the labor market and in the process of empowerment .

Check out the main topics covered:

  • How to move faster in the gender equity process;
  • Female empowerment through projects to encourage the inclusion of women in the labor market and entrepreneurship;
  • Pressures from the corporate world on women
  • Prejudices and the greatest difficulties on the way to success
  • Care economy and the impact on women’s careers
  • Women in leadership and ESG roles

Want to know the answers to these and the audience’s questions? So, be sure to check out the Live in the video above or on our YouTube channel !

Find out about the complete campaign “Synergia Women’s Month 2022 – Legacies” through our social networks and through the article “ Gender Equality and Legacies. Understand how “what is transmitted to posterity” has everything to do with reducing inequalities now ”.

Check out the  playlist with the individual testimonials  and the complete video with the main excerpts from the testimonials of the women who participated in the  Synergia 2022 Women’s Month campaign – Legacies:

SDG5 – Gender equality
SDG10 – Reduced inequalities

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