Is the sustainable development of the Amazon possible? Check out the Broadcast and get to know our experts’ opinion!

Posted in: 12/16/2021

The sustainable development of the Amazon has been one of the main topics of discussion about the importance of the Amazon territory for Brazil, and for the world, when we consider climate change and our power to stop it. The discussion has been mainly about the conservation of the Amazon territory, essential for the maintenance of the world’s productive systems.

However, we cannot fail to ponder on the fact that the Amazon territory not only comprises the environmental part, with its great nature and biodiversity, but it is also made up of the people and communities that inhabit the Amazon regions.

Conservation and sustainable development in the Amazon may seem antagonistic themes to those who have not been following the subject closely.  Therefore, an important question has permeated the discussions on the subject: is it  possible to promote development in the Amazon in a sustainable way, respecting the particularities and needs of its inhabitants and the environment? 

To answer this and many other questions about the Brazilian Amazon, Synergia brought together the specialists who make up the Synergia Study Center and brought a special guest, who lives and works in the Altamira (PA) region, to discuss during Amazônia Brasileira – Panorama 2021: Challenges and vision of the future Broadcast.

Meet the participant(s)

Gabriela Goulart – MSC in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development and specialist in Socio-environmental Management;

Lia Luft Kroeff – MSC in Environmental Planning and project coordinator;

Mario Vasconcellos – Anthropologist, project coordinator, and leader of the Synergia Study Center;

Terezinha Perna Silva – Agronomic Engineer and consultant in Agro-productive Activities.

Check out the full Broadcast!

Synergia has been in the Amazon for over ten years, continuously developing projects and, as a result, constantly acquiring new knowledge about the Amazon reality and seeking to participate in discussions and feasible solutions for the region.

The Broadcast had the purpose of expanding the discussions brought in the first volume of the “Brazilian Amazon Series: Integrated Territorial Perspectives and Vision of the Future“, launched this year. With the theme “Panorama 2021: challenges and vision of the future for the region“, volume 1 locates and problematizes the socio-environmental issues and challenges that are central to the Amazon, throughout its history and today, as well as looking towards the future of the territory. In it, essential topics for understanding the territory are addressed, such as:

  • Amazon: challenges for Brazil and the world
  • Why discuss and act disruptively on Amazon?
  • Where are we talking about?
  • The origin of the word “Amazon
  • Centuries of occupation: 7 decades of transformation
  • The emergence of the Legal Amazon

Want to know even more about the Amazon territory? Download now volume 1 and register to receive the complete “Brazilian Amazon Series: Integrated territorial perspectives and vision of the future

Launch of the “Brazilian Amazon” series
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Is it necessary to deforest to generate economy for the Amazon region? How can we enhance our bioeconomy, avoiding the loss of innovation, diversity and wealth caused by deforestation? How can the production processes that already exist be made more sustainable?

Watch the Broadcast and check out the answers to these and the other questions that arose during the meeting!

13 – Ação contra a mudança global do clima
15 – Vida terrestre

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