Live Brazilian Amazon, with the theme “Territories: Area Conserved”, highlights the indigenous and quilombola perspective on the region

Posted in: 08/31/2022

The third episode of the live Brazilian Amazon , which addressed the theme “ Territories: Conserved Area ”, was highlighted in the media when discussing the perspectives and vision of the future of the Legal Amazon , through the analysis of specialists and guests/indigenous peoples and quilombolas.

The meeting was mediated by Mario Vasconcellos , project coordinator and anthropologist, and Gabriela Goulart , specialist in socio-environmental management. Both make up the Centro de Estudos Synergia (CES) and are responsible for the Brazilian Amazon Series: Integrated Territorial Perspectives and Vision of the Future , together with Lia Lutz Kroeff and Daniel Santos.

As guests, the live was attended by:

  • Ângela Pellin – Biologist, researcher and project coordinator at Instituto IPÊ;
  • Douglas Senna – Historian and adviser to Malungu – Coordination of Associations of Quilombo do Pará Remaining Communities (Lower Amazon region). Douglas is a quilombola, from the quilombo Arapucu – Óbidos (PA);
  • Tamburá Amondawa – Teacher and Indigenous, resident of the Uru Eu Wau Wau TI, in Aldeia Trincheira (RO).

Among the topics addressed are the invisibility of quilombola communities in the Amazon and the challenge for positioning in important discussions in the territory, validation of the right to land , invasions of conserved territories, community resistance and much more. Check out the full live!   

In the press, the live was highlighted for bringing the points of view of people who work and are part of the day-to-day life of the Amazon territory , emphasizing the discussion of the viability of access to decent living conditions for the approximately 30 million inhabitants of the region. Amazon, through an economy compatible with the forest.


Check out the main vehicles that publicized the live “ Brazilian Amazon EP03 | Territories: Conserved Area”:

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See the published text and the complete list of vehicles that publicized the live.


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