Turn ODS promotes debates with the population on the objectives of the 2030 Schedule

Posted in: 06/21/2023

The Turn ODS ( Sustainable Development Goals ) took place in São Paulo, on the 17th and 18th of June. The event, organized by the São Paulo City Hall , had the objective of making the population aware of the 17 SDGs established by the United Nations (UN) and confirming the commitment to the environment and sustainability, based on the theme “Turn the key for the future” .

As a way of addressing the objectives with the population , the event featured cultural and educational activities , an exhibitor fair, a music festival, a hackathon and lectures by international and national specialists.

Virada ODS promotes debate on combating racism and xenophobia with specialists and personalities. Photo: Print of the live Virada ODS
Turn ODS promotes debate on combating racism and xenophobia. Photo: Print of the live Virada ODS

For Turn ODS, five areas of action were defined that demand greater effort to achieve the SDGs and that guided conversations between specialists and the population. Are they:

  • Combating racism and xenophobia;
  • Climate changes;
  • Accessibility and inclusion;
  • Homeless population;
  • ESG vs ODS.

During a lecture on combating racism and xenophobia , the participants pointed out the importance of actions to welcome people in a situation of refuge and how the fight against racism is essential for the physical and mental health of the black population.

Ismália Afonso da Silva during a lecture on combating racism and xenophobia. Photo Print of Live Virada ODS
Lecture points out that the fight against racism is essential for the physical and mental health of the black population. Photo: Print of the live Turn ODS

In addition, during the event, the Executive Secretariat for Strategic Projects presented social impact projects , such as the Redemption Program , which develops integrated actions of social assistance, human rights, health and work for people in situations of social vulnerability and who depend on alcohol and other drugs.

Another project presented was Rede Daora , which promotes the cultural formation and economic development of young people, in order to prepare them for the job market .

The expectation of the organizers is that the two-day event has reached and mobilized thousands of people , surpassing the numbers of the 2022 event, in which more than 25 thousand people were present , more than 320 thousand people followed the congress online, in addition to the population impacted by offline media, such as newspapers on public transport and street clocks with Virada material.

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