In an article, Ricardo Young comments on Ibama’s decision to deny an environmental license for oil exploration at the mouth of the Amazon River

Posted in: 06/26/2023

The Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) announced, in May this year, its decision to deny the license for oil drilling and exploration at the mouth of the Amazon River . According to the agency, which pointed out “technical inconsistencies” in the request made by Petrobras, the measure aims to protect the region and its unique ecosystems .

Ibama’s decision was celebrated by environmentalists , since the region of the mouth of the Amazon basin is considered of great environmental importance , due to the biological diversity it harbors, and its conservation is essential for mitigating climate change . In addition to the risk to the environment, oil exploration at the mouth of the Amazon River would also pose a risk to local populations , especially riverside ones.

However, the discussion is not yet definitively closed. Earlier this month, deputies met to discuss oil exploration at the mouth of the Amazon River and the issue divided opinions, generating internal impasses in the current government . Petrobras, since then, has been appealing Ibama’s refusal and asking the environmental agency to reconsider the process and the decision.

Ricardo Young – businessman, environmentalist, managing partner of CT&I and advisor to Synergia Socioambiental – gave his opinion on the topic in the publication “ No to oil exploration at the mouth of the Amazon River: in the face of the risks, a right decision by Ibama ”.

In his article, in addition to classifying Ibama’s decision as “the right one”, Ricardo Young highlights two important points in relation to the subject. The first is the risk factor that an exploration activity of this type can cause for the region, even if it has security mechanisms in place. The second point is that we are currently making room for strengthening the use of mechanisms to generate clean energy , or renewable energy, which causes much less impact on the environment.

Check out the complete article, released on the Net Zero Portal .

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