Socio-environmental consulting and technological innovation: why do the two areas have to work together?

Posted in: 11/19/2020

The levels of technological innovation of your company can talk a lot about it. And this is also true for the companies you hire to provide services.

In our case, when working with Socio-Environmental Consulting, it is essential to be aware of the latest technologies that we can integrate into the field work and improve our activities.

Recently, we have invested in technological innovation to ensure information security in the projects in which we operate.

Do you want to understand how our cases can influence your company?

Our case of investment in technological

Companies that don’t look for technological innovation, will always be one step behind on the market.

When you are looking for a service provider, you certainly want to make sure that you get the best out of the work you hire.

And to be sure that the company is in constant process of updating, must be a differential.

Outdated technologies and methodologies will hardly direct the project to new paths, favor other learning or improve results.

Therefore, in Synergia Consultoria’s organizational culture, we decided that betting on technological innovation was a necessity, and not just a plus in the projects in which we operate.

Searching for disruptive technologies and renewed methods was the resource to improve the activities of our projects, since several of our actions depend not only on trained human capital, but on well developed technology.

Through the analysis of the work in the field, and within the offices, we identified several areas that would benefit from technological implementation.

Check out some of them:

  • Protection, creation, systematization and monitoring of databases
  • Development of technologies for the management of socio-environmental projects
  • Registration and/or socioeconomic characterization
  • Market Research
  • Monitoring, analysis and consolidation of indices and socioeconomic indicators
  • Planning and management of repairs in environmental disasters
  • Sectorial plans / Land use plans
  • Cartographic surveys and use of Georeferenced Information System – GIS

And these were only some of the areas benefited. We take technological innovation to practically all parts of the company, mainly to the IT governance structure.

It was really an investment. But of guaranteed return.

Even the partnership that we made with LogiThink for new IT practices, was highlighted on the site IITFORUM 365.

Technological innovation facilitated processes

Technological innovation is a necessity for any area

Now that you have seen how important updating has been for our processes, check out some advantages that technological innovation can bring to your company.

More credibility

A company that invests in technology and methods to work better and provide a more qualified service has advantages when we think of companies that have never sought to update themselves. This guarantees credibility for it.

For instance, when you buy a new electronic, do you look for the most modern in the area or the most outdated? The same goes for other areas and services.

Optimized processes

The agility that a company can achieve with technological innovations reflects in all its areas. From the management to the final client.

Less time spent on processes, which also become more assertive, favors customers, employees and, obviously, the company itself.

Deliver value to the customer

Investments in technological innovation bring a return.

By adapting the use of new technologies to your internal processes, if you see tangible results, your product or business model can be more valued.

With this, you gain elements to compete with the best companies in your area.

Technological innovation applied to Socio-environmental

For the Socio-environmental Consultancy service, we realized that the technological innovation implemented reached all areas of our company.

Today, we can offer even more assertive services to our sectors, which have areas in which technology is a necessity:

  • Public Management
  • Agribusiness
  • Infrastructure
  • Mining, Steel and Petrochemical Industry.

We have also seen results in the solutions we apply to the demands of our customers. In the implementation of the most humanized solutions, with direct contact with communities – conflict mediation, social development and others.

Counting on technological innovation has facilitated the processes, providing full attention of our employees in contact with the communities.

In addition, by ensuring that those people can be secure in relation to their data, we increase their level of trust in the company.

And you, can you identify the areas of your company, or the service provider, that lack technological innovation?

At Synergia Consultoria Socioambiental, we have the best solutions for your project. If you have identified any demand that we can solve, how about contacting one of our consultants?

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