Synergia participates in the first SOS Pantanal charity dinner

Posted in: 11/22/2022

benefit dinner of the SOS Pantanal Show Gabriel Sater
The first SOS Pantanal benefit dinner featured a show by Gabriel Sater, Guilherme Rondon and Adriana Sanchez. Photo: Daniel Lopez Photos

Synergia Socioambiental supported and was present at the first charity dinner held by the SOS Pantanal Institute , which took place on November 8, in São Paulo.

The Institute’s objective was to collect donations for the Brigadas Pantaneiras program , which helped to structure 24 fire brigades and works in the prevention and first combat of fire outbreaks in the region.

According to the program, the brigades were established considering the “historical recurrence of fire within the biome, as well as the existence of a minimum institutional organization to receive the equipment and training of the brigades”.

SOS Pantanal benefit dinner brought together big names and companies

The SOS Pantanal charity dinner brought together big names and companies in favor of the preservation and restoration of the Pantanal.

Cristiana Oliveira , actress and ambassador of the Institute, was the master of ceremonies. The auction, the most important part of the night, was led by influencers Rafa Kalimann , godmother of SOS Pantanal, and Raquel Real .

SOS Pantanal Benefit Dinner SOS Pantanal Benefit Dinner Gabriel Sater and Maria Albuquerque
Synergia finished off the shirt worn by Almir Sater in the first version of the telenovela Pantanal. Photo: Daniel Lopez Photos

The event featured a show by Gabriel Sater , Guilherme Rondon and Adriana Sanchez . The dinner also had a Pantanal menu signed by Mato Grosso do Sul chef Paulo Machado and drinks signed by chef Janaína Rueda .

During the presentation of the supporting and partner companies , Maria Albuquerque , CEO and founder of Synergia Socioambiental, spoke about the importance of the work carried out by the Institute and her joy at continuing another year as a partner company .

benefit dinner of SOS Pantanal Maria Albuquerque in speech
Synergia will make its Georeferencing team available to SOS Pantanal. Photo: Daniel Lopez Photos

Maria also announced that, starting in 2023 , Synergia will make its Georeferencing team available to SOS Pantanal , capable of mapping and analyzing hot spots , especially in areas with the highest incidence of fires in the biome. The expectations are that the intelligence service will contribute to enhance the actions carried out by the Institute.

Synergy in Defense of the Pantanal

The partnership between Synergia and SOS Pantanal was established in 2020, the year in which the Pantanal suffered the worst drought in the last 50 years , resulting in a historic increase in fire outbreaks, millions of hectares devastated by fire and 30% of the entire Pantanal hit by fires.

The Synergia in Defense of the Pantanal campaign raised funds to financially support the work of NGOs that were already active in favor of the conservation of the biome, even before the environmental tragedy of 2020, establishing a partnership with SOS Pantanal and collaborating with the Arara Azul Institute , the Associação Onçafari and the Intervention Ecology Laboratory (LEI) , from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul.

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