Synergia at the Ethos Conference: climate emergencies, sustainable development in the Amazon and peaceful societies

Posted in: 11/27/2023

The Synergia Socioambiental panels at the Ethos Conference , which took place on November 21st and 22nd, opened discussions on how companies can act to combat climate change and support sustainable development in the Amazon. 

The event, which took place in the same week that Black Consciousness Day was celebrated , opened with the panel “ 25 years Instituto Ethos, combating inequalities and Black Consciousness week ”, in which the participants debated the importance of public policies and affirmative actions, such as student quotas, in addition to racial equity in the corporate sector. 

In addition, there were panels on Human Rights , respect for traditional populations and expectations about the future of the Amazon territory amid the current scenario of climate change and threats generated by human actions. 

Synergia presented the panel “ The Challenges of the Socioeconomic and Environmental Agenda in the Face of Climate and Humanitarian Emergencies ”, with a presentation by Valéria Sampaio, manager of socioeconomic and environmental projects at Synergia Socioambiental, and with the participation of Ricardo Catto, member of the Institute’s Council Conscious Capitalism Brazil, and Ricardo Sennes, specialist in political and economic scenarios, formulation and implementation of public policies. 

From right to left: Ricardo Sennes, Ricardo Catto and Valéria Sampaio. Photo: Meninxs Fotografia/Instituto Ethos
From right to left: Ricardo Sennes, Ricardo Catto and Valéria Sampaio. Photo: Meninxs Fotografia/Instituto Ethos

During the panel, participants were able to talk about companies’ actions on the socioeconomic and environmental agenda together with public authorities to combat climate change and social inequalities . 

For Valéria Sampaio, the panel presented showed how discussions on the topic need to be more extensive , as the impacts are no longer just climate-related: “It is no longer possible to be restricted to the environment, as the crisis is so broad and deep that a socioeconomic agenda to deal with such a challenge”. 

In addition to the panel offered by the consultancy, Miriam Armelin, project manager at Synergia, participated in the panel offered by the company Norsky Hydro, with the theme “ Partnerships that promote Sustainable Development in the Amazon of Pará ”. 

The objective of the panel was to open a discussion about the challenges of the region and how the actions of companies, society and public authorities can collaborate with sustainable development in these locations. 

Documentary “The Forest you don’t see – Narratives from the Middle Xingu” is broadcast by Synergia at the Ethos Conference 

On the second day of the event, Synergia presented the cinedebate of the documentary “ The forest you don’t see – Narrativas do Médio Xingu ”, with mediation by Adriana Barros, Synergia’s Institutional Relations manager, and participation by Therezinha Perna, riverside resident of the Extractive Reserve Verde Para Semper and project coordinator at Synergia, and Floriana Breyer, researcher of social technologies and citizen science. 

During the cinedebate, Therezinha highlighted the importance of respecting and valuing customs, culture and the work carried out by the people of the territory to keep the forest standing .

Broadcast of the documentary "The Forest You Don't See - Narratives of the Middle XIngu" at Cofnerência Ethos. Photo: Synergia
Cinedebate reinforced the appreciation of the work to regenerate and keep the forest standing. Photo: Synergia 

Floriana spoke about supporting the socio-bioeconomy and how this positively impacts the forest regeneration process . Furthermore, she highlighted institutions that support sustainable development in the Amazon Rainforest. 

Still on the last day of the Ethos Conference, Marciléia Toledo, Social Technical Manager at Synergia, participated in the panel “ Conversation with Leaders – The role of business leaders in building peaceful and inclusive societies ”. 

SDG10 – Reduced inequalities
SDG12 – Responsible consumption and production
SDG13 – Climate action

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