Synergia is highlighted in the media with an article about Stockholm+50

Posted in: 07/05/2022

Stockholm+50_ leaders at the UN conference Photo: UNEP
Stockholm+50, international meeting held in Sweden. Photo: UNEP

Synergia was featured in the media with an article about Stockholm+50 , the United Nations General Assembly meeting held this year (2022). The event, which took place 50 years after the Stockholm Conference, addressed new socio-environmental issues and challenges – and debated old problems that have not been resolved from that moment to the present.

The Stockholm Conference, held in 1972, is considered a milestone in the discussion of environmental solutions. In it, for the first time, several countries came together to seek solutions and assume commitments jointly, with a view to effectively combating the environmental crisis .

In the article “ Stockholm is here: reconnecting with the past to guarantee our future ”, Maria Albuquerque , founder and CEO of Synergia Socioambiental, and Luiz Eduardo Rielli , sustainability consultant, analyze the new Stockholm conference and point out essential topics that need to be considered in facing the current socio-environmental challenges.

Among the issues addressed in the article are the relevance of international agreements and agendas for the promotion of sustainability, the impact of local contexts on global actions and the importance of Brazil’s position regarding environmental commitments.

Read the full article: “ Stockholm is here: reconnecting with the past to secure our future ”

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