Synergia is the new member of IBRAM

Posted in: 07/18/2023

Synergia is the new member of IBRAM (Brazilian Institute of Mining) . The association is an opportunity to support the socio-environmental agenda for mining, in addition to the possibility of sharing experiences between associates and Synergia, which has already developed several projects for the sector. 

IBRAM is an organization that brings together almost 200 associates participating in the mineral activity , such as mining companies, development banks, technology centers, environmental engineering, mineral, geology companies, employers’ associations, law firms, equipment manufacturers, among others. others. 

Synergia is the new member of IBRAM
Association is an opportunity to support the socio-environmental agenda for mining. Photomontage: Synergia

The institute aims to promote actions aimed at building a new perspective for the mining market , supporting the relationship between mining companies, professionals, public authorities and civil society. 

The combination of expertise between Synergia and IBRAM also makes it possible to disseminate best practices and technologies in a sustainable way, in addition to expanding knowledge, which meets the main demands of society. 

Maria Albuquerque, founder and CEO of Synergia, talks about the opportunity to strengthen ties in favor of national development : “Since 2011, we have carried out more than 100 projects for the mining sector, integrating technology, experience in preventing and minimizing impacts and implementing of socio-environmental actions with significant and measurable results. Participating in IBRAM means, for us, a great opportunity to share experiences and support the construction of a positive socio-environmental agenda for mining in Brazil”. 

Synergia has been active in the mining sector in several projects, such as internal training for Emergency Action Plans for Mining Dams (PAEBM) , which provide for the preparation, execution, organization of evidence and results obtained in training. 

In addition, the company prepares technical documents, social and repair policy analyses, develops studies and reports on the sector’s socioeconomic and socioenvironmental impacts . 

Learn more about Synergia’s association with IBRAM: 

Synergia Socioambiental is the new member of IBRAM 


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