Synergia participates in a podcast on how to mitigate the impacts of mining

Posted in: 12/08/2022

Valéria Nader Sampaio, Project Manager at Synergia Socioambiental, shared her knowledge on how to mitigate the impacts of mining based on sustainable solutions in the Eloquente podcast , an initiative of the Interelos Institute .

Brazil has suffered in recent years from some of the worst dam disasters in its history. And, although it is among the five largest ore producers in the world , it was only recently, after the environmental tragedies related to mining, that the country sought to create a new Regulatory Framework for Mining , aimed at modernizing the rules and increasing levels security for the sector.

The extraction model currently used by most mining companies is still highly questioned for causing environmental impacts that are often irreversible, in addition to social impacts that require intense recovery solutions aimed at the affected populations.
But would it be possible to mitigate the impacts of mining using sustainable solutions? Valéria, an economist with experience in the mining market and who has been with Synergia for 5 years, was received by presenter Sandro Marques, for an enriching conversation with Clarice Mendonça, from H&P consultancy, on the subject. Check the answer!

There are 45 minutes of information, which go beyond a technical approach, focusing on the territory and the population , which instigate reflection on the possible scenario for the future of mining in Brazil. It is worth checking!

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