Virada “Amazônia de Pé” debates preservation of the territory and Temporal Framework

Posted in: 09/02/2023

This week, between the 2nd and 10th of September , the “ Turada Amazônia de Pé ” begins . Part of the events dedicated to the celebration of Amazon Day , September 5, the cultural turn highlights and debates themes of high relevance for the Amazon territory , such as the protection of indigenous communities, riverside communities, quilombolas, small extractive producers , in addition to seeking preservation of Conservation Units.

In addition to these topics, the demarcation of indigenous lands and the importance of the population’s resistance to the Temporal Milestone should be highlighted issues at the event, considering that the country is in the midst of discussions and judgment of the Temporal Milestone by the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

The second edition of “Virada Amazônia de Pé” takes place in Alter do Chão , in Pará, in Território Borari and, according to the organization of the event, intends to celebrate the traditional cultures of the Amazon region and guarantee the preservation of biodiversity and the future of the territory.

Virada Amazônia de Pé -Amazon River Photo: Adobe Stock
Forest preservation and the Temporal Framework should be the main themes of the Virada Amazônia de Pé. Photo: Adobe Stock

Still according to those responsible for the initiative, the program will have actions in several states , “carried out by groups in defense of the Amazon, such as conversation circles, film screenings, cultural soirée, artistic and musical presentations.” The objective is to raise the awareness of the Brazilian population in supporting the guarantee of the rights of the peoples of the Amazon and in the preservation of the territory, in addition to encouraging “activists and collectives, especially those from the Amazon region, in their mobilization for Climate Justice”.

Check out the full schedule on the Virada Amazônia de Pé website

In addition to Virada Amazônia de Pé, the popular Amazonia de Pé initiative , which encourages the event, aims to collect 1.5 million signatures from Brazilian men and women for the Amazônia de Pé Bill .

The objective of the Popular Initiative Law Project (PLIP) is to allocate 57 million hectares of public forests in the Amazon for the protection of indigenous peoples, quilombolas, small extractive producers and new Conservation Units and, thus, help in the fight against the climate crisis . The bill also provides for greater criminalization for land grabbing or land theft.

Understand how to support popular initiative .

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