US 2020 Elections: Can Joe Biden bring change to the environment?

Posted in: 11/19/2020


the main Biden's environmental proposals

Biden’s environmental proposals. Foto: AFP Arquivos e Deposit

With the end of the U.S. presidential elections, and Democratic Joe Biden officially elected as the new president, environmentalists’ expectations have turned to a possible change in the country’s attitude towards environmental proposals.

If former president Donald Trump spared no words to defend a national development focused on increasing production and industrial activities at all costs, minimizing the environmental damage that could be caused by this, Biden followed the almost opposite path.

His campaign kept a conciliatory tone, with ideas of united leadership and, apparently, more oriented towards a less destructive vision of the environment.

Among his campaign proposals were actions that pleased those who care about the environment. The most notable of these concerns to the return of the US to the Paris Agreement.

It is worth remembering that the agreement has as goal the reduction of emissions of gases responsible for the greenhouse effect, which pollute the atmosphere and cause global warming. Trump had refused to accept some of the measures stipulated by the agreement, claiming that they would be harmful to the American economy.

Among Biden’s proposals to rescue measures favorable to the environment are:

  • A closer look at issues related to the preservation of the Amazon
  • Investments in clean energy
  • Zero liquid emissions by 2050
  • Restoring environmental protections undone by Trump
  • Return to the Paris climate agreement
  • Reverse federal environmental regulations, proposed by Trump, and considered negative to the environment


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