Equity reports for the implementation of the Northern Logistics Corridor of the Estrada de Ferro Carajás (EFC)

Equity reports for the implementation of the Northern Logistics Corridor of the Estrada de Ferro Carajás (EFC)

The Estrada de Ferro Carajás (EFC) railway is an important ore outlet in the country, connecting the Serra de Carajás, in the municipality of Parauapebas – PA, to the Port of Madeira, located in the capital of the State of Maranhão, São Luís. With about 892 kilometers of tracks, this railway has been under use by VALE S/A since its creation in 1985.

In the EFC expansion project, 575 kilometers of railway were duplicated and 48 railway bridges were built. The objective was to enable the transportation of 230 million tons of iron ore from the Carajás and S11D mines.

It was necessary to carry out an extensive evaluation work, carried out from the register of the affected population, to identify the market value and to characterize urban and rural properties that would be affected by the works.

In addition, surveys were carried out for characterization, collection of real estate documentation and local market research to define the values for the evaluation.

Applied resources

  • Database creation and monitoring
  • Registration and/or socioeconomic characterization
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Cartographic surveys and georeferenced information system
  • Real estate and equity appraisal reports
Technical sheet

Business Sector: Agribusiness

Location: Maranhão Pará

Period: 2013 – 2016

Client: Vale

Scope: EFC Logistic Corridor, departing from São Luís (MA) to the municipality of Canaã dos Carajás (PA).

Goal: Evaluate urban and rural properties of families and landowners in the domain of the Estrada de Ferro Carajás (EFC) and urbanization range.

Results: 367 technical reports on real estate were prepared for the construction of the Marabá-PA wall and also 404 technical reports for the construction of crossings in Maranhão and Pará.

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