A Concert for the Amazon: initiative brings together organizations for the sustainable development of the territory

Posted in: 10/05/2023

The Uma Concertação pela Amazônia initiative brings together leaders, companies and institutions to seek solutions for the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon and, thus, positively impact the lives of people and communities living in the territory.

Especially when we think about climate change and our ability to prevent it, sustainable development has been one of the prominent themes in discussions about the importance of the Amazon region for Brazil and the world. However, the Amazon territory is not only made up of nature and biodiversity , but also of the people and communities that inhabit the region and are an essential part of its conservation.

A Concertation for the Amazon seeks solutions for the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon. Photo: Adobe Stock
A Concertation for the Amazon seeks solutions for the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon. Photo: Adobe Stock

Considering this, the Uma Concertação pela Amazônia network maps, develops and encourages dialogue on central themes to face the territory’s most urgent challenges , analyzing various impact fronts – such as the economy, education, health, governance and infrastructure, among others.

Synergia Socioambiental is among more than 250 public and private sector organizations and 400 leaders that are part of the Uma Concertação pela Amazônia network and are engaged in developing proposals and achieving solutions for the sustainable development of the region.

Working Groups (GTs) and Knowledge Spiral

The Working Groups (GTs) provided by Uma Concertação pela Amazônia are a great example of the importance of the integrated dialogue promoted by the initiative. They represent spaces where the network interacts, disseminates and shares work, integrates, expands dialogues and includes communities in discussions aimed at articulating and collaborating with the development of the Amazon.

Currently, the GTs meet to debate and produce knowledge on the following topics:

  • bioeconomy
  • Education
  • Political Intelligence
  • Socio-territorial Infrastructure
  • Youth
  • Mining
  • Territorial Planning and Land Regularization

Each group has different agendas, objectives and dynamics. But all of them can generate important materials and content with great impact for the region.

An example of this was the feasibility of the “ Itinerários Amazônicos ” project , an initiative by the Instituto Iungo, Reúna e Uma Concertação pela Amazônia, which made it possible to make educational materials available with Amazonian themes and continued training with educators from education networks in eight of the nine states in the Legal Amazon, with expectations of expansion.

In addition to the Working Groups, the network built the Knowledge Spiral , a tool that works as a Legal Amazon database , which allocates consistent data about the territory, as well as publications, studies and articles that are related to the Amazon.

Knowledge Spiral of A Concertation for the Amazon Reproduction website
Knowledge Spiral of A Concertation for the Amazon. Reproduction: Website

Free and open for consultation by everyone , the spiral is collaborative and a useful tool for sharing knowledge , as through it it is possible to disseminate research and also have access to reliable data shared by other organizations.

Synergia Socioambiental and A Concert for the Amazon

In addition to being part of the network, Synergia Socioambiental actively participates in the Working Groups promoted by the initiative.

Currently, the company collaborates with the discussions of the GT “ Territorial Planning and Land Regularization ” and coordinates the GT Bioeconomy , which aims to “promote collective, participatory and inclusive actions in favor of the bioeconomy of the Amazon, based on affinities and synergies around areas of interest, focusing on the sustainable business ecosystem, investments and production of knowledge linked to the region’s socio-biodiversity”.

A Concert for the Amazon - people in a river in the Amazon Photo-Adobe-Stock
Decisions for the Amazon territory can impact the fight against climate change in the world. Photo: Adobe Stock

Furthermore, Synergia also collaborates with Espiral de Knowledge . In it, you can find some of the materials produced by the Synergia Study Center , such as the “ Brazilian Amazon Series: Integrated territorial perspectives and vision of the future ” and the “ Hot Spots Report ”, content aimed at expanding knowledge and debates about the Amazon territory.

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