Alliance for Climate Action in Brazil promises to mobilize sectors for actions to confront the world climate emergency

Posted in: 02/02/2021

Representative of the Climate Action Alliance in Brazil

Photo: Dhoje

The launch of the Alliance for Climate Action in Brazil (ACA-Brazil) may be an important step for the country to put into practice public-private partnerships in the implementation of actions and programs for recovery and confrontation of climate change.

The Climate Action Alliances aim to encourage joint actions to increase efforts and commitment in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate, which completed 5 years at the end of 2020.

Among the main measures, to act so that the country meets its commitments to collaborate with the reduction/neutrality of carbon emissions and to help limit the increase in global temperature by 1.5 °C compared to industrial levels.

The Brazil Alliance is recent, but it already brings together local governments and municipalities, private companies, institutions notoriously engaged in the fight for the environment, and civil society institutions.

With the launching, Brazil joins the list of other nations that had already formed their national alliances, such as Argentina, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, the United States, and Vietnam.

The ACA follows the line of joint global and regional actions for sustainable development and for repairing the damage already done to the environment, recently defended in the Davos Agenda 2021.

It is important to remember that as a result of global warming, we have reached record levels of melting on Earth, with the loss of about 28 trillion tons of ice between 1994 and 2017, the time of the last research on the subject.

These melts can be responsible for a number of environmental disasters, such as the recent one in India when a Himalayan glacier broke loose and caused a hydroelectric dam to burst, causing death and destruction.

Global warming is also responsible for factors such as rising sea levelsdesertificationfloods, and intense heat waves and droughts, which cause an increase in wildfires, such as those seen in the Pantanal recently.

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Check here the ACA launch event, with testimonials and debates on climate action.

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