Brazil Mining 2023 Report: CEO and founder of Synergia talks about the main demand trends in the Brazilian mining industry

Posted in: 12/07/2023

Maria Albuquerque, founder and CEO of Synergia Socioambiental , gave an interview to Global Business Reports (GBR) – an important global news, research and reporting agency that helps companies in the oil and gas, mining and energy sectors, among others, to understand and expand its markets based on data, analysis and updated information .

In addition to being published on the Global Business Reports website , the interview was part of the Brazil Mining 2023 report . The document, which brings the main recent changes, projections and trends for the sector , in addition to their impacts on the industry, included interviews with executives, government authorities and protagonists of the sector and the Brazilian mining value chain.

In her interview for the Brazil Mining 2023 report , Maria Albuquerque highlighted the main demand trends in the Brazilian mining industry , the importance of mining companies considering socio-environmental investments in their planning and actions, and also the development of ESG culture in Brazilian mining .

Check out some translated excerpts from the interview!

What are the main demand trends in the Brazilian mining industry?

We noticed an increase in demand for our services following the dam accidents in Mariana and Brumadinho. These events caused an extremely serious environmental impact on neighboring communities. As a result, federal legislation now requires mining companies to draw up more rigorous contingency plans for dam failures.

dam disasters: tailings dam Photo: Disclosure
Synergia is among the Brazilian companies most capable of preparing Emergency Action Plans for Dams (PAEBM). Photo: Disclosure

To meet growing demand, we have divided our service offering into three phases: Prevention, Emergency Response and Remediation. As remediation projects tend to be long-term, we are still working on projects related to incidents that occurred in 2022, and these represent a significant part of our revenues in 2023. We are seeing a change in the mindset of mining companies, which no longer see ESG criteria only as a requirement to obtain mining licenses, but now consider them key objectives for the industry.

Why is it important for mining companies to consider social return on investment?

Mining companies plan their social investments before the licensing phase, and it is very important for them to define investments according to the reality and social dynamics of local communities. In this sense, we work with mining companies considering costs and social return on investment.

Water and social carbon are two issues of increasing concern for the mining industry, and we are already working in these areas. Social carbon consists of quantifying the actions taken by companies to address social damage or preserve a specific area or the culture of local communities. Social carbon is a carbon credit that companies earn by helping indigenous communities preserve their culture. We recognize that it is possible to convert our cultural preservation projects into social carbon credits, and this is now a solution we are offering to the mining industry.

How has the environmental regulatory framework changed in recent years?

I believe that environmental regulations in Brazil are increasingly focused on protecting the environment and preserving traditional communities and water sources. Most mining companies anticipated this trend and are avoiding the use of tailings dams.

On the other hand, the discussion about the regulatory framework was reignited due to the recent change of government in Brazil and the public debate. In this context, mining companies need to adapt to the political context and adopt a more comprehensive approach to the conservation and economic repair of local communities and the environment.

Maria Albuquerque, CEO and founder of Synergia Socioambiental, gave an interview for the Brazil Mining 2023 report
Maria Albuquerque, CEO and founder of Synergia Socioambiental, gave an interview for the Brazil Mining 2023 report. Photo: Synergia

In addition to these questions, the Brazil Mining 2023 report brings Maria’s answers about the use of technology at Synergia to predict contingencies and analyze the impact of socio-environmental investments and the main objectives of the consultancy for the coming years.

Check out the full interview, in English .  

Brazil Mining 2023 Report reinforces Synergia’s commitment to the socio-environmental agenda in mining

The CEO and founder’s participation in the Brazil Mining 2023 report reinforces Synergia’s commitment and history in supporting the socio-environmental agenda in mining.

Since 2011, the company has carried out more than 100 projects for the sector , integrating technology, experience in preventing and minimizing impacts and implementing socio-environmental actions.

Recently, the consultancy made its debut as a speaking company at Exposibram 2023 , the largest mining event in Brazil , promoted by the Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM). In the panel “Socioeconomic Performance of Mining: from Local Development Initiatives to Engagement in Global Causes”, the company highlighted services and strategic actions for effective socioeconomic management in mining and future trends for social investments in the area.

Does your company need to adapt to comply with the socio-environmental rules and requirements related to the mining sector? Get in touch with our team!

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