Brazilian Climate Change Conference: Synergia participates in panel on Climate Governance

Posted in: 12/20/2023

Synergia participated in the panel “ Pathways for Brazilian Climate Governance: CBMC recommendations for the new Climate Plan ”, carried out by the Ethos Institute. On this occasion, in addition to discussions on climate governance , the official launch of the collective product of the 5th edition of the Brazilian Climate Change Conference (CBMC) was held , the document “ For inclusive, fair and shared climate governance: CBMC recommendations for the Climate Plan ”.

The product, a letter that brings recommendations to the new Climate Plan – being prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MMA) – was composed through the partnership and support of civil society organizations, research institutions, subnational governments and the sector business. In its development, discussions and debates held throughout the year , during events related to CBMC, were considered .

Synergia participates in a panel on Climate Governance at CBMC. Photo: reproduction Instituto Ethos
Launch of the letter “For inclusive, fair and shared climate governance: CBMC recommendations for the Climate Plan”. Photo: Reproduction/Instituto Ethos

According to the Ethos Institute, the final document proposes three key recommendations : “alignment with the principles of climate justice, human rights and combating environmental racism; engagement and social participation for implementation; and promoting the alliance between climate and socio-biodiversity”.

Adriana Barros, institutional relations manager at Synergia Socioambiental, who was part of the preparation and was present at the official launch of the product , highlights the importance of the Climate Plan and the letter : “The Climate Plan is one of the instruments that requires the involvement of all sectors and levels of government for its implementation, and the document goes in this direction. Acting in the present, knowing the past, but looking to the future, is a challenging commitment, but with guarantees that we can still mitigate the climate scenario, exercising the expansion of representation and diversity of perspectives, a fact that is so crucial at this time”, she points out.

Panel explored climate governance and vision about CBMC’s proposals for the Climate Plan

Addressing the topic of climate governance, the panel also highlighted the commitments that the different signatories of the letter addressed to the Federal Government should assume in their areas of activity to collaborate in combating climate change .

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The panel was moderated by Marina Esteves , coordinator of environmental projects at Instituto Ethos , and participated by Thais Zschieschang , co-founder of Delibera Brasil , Sylvia Bomtempo, public policy analyst at Instituto Democracia e Sustentabilidade (IDS), and Adriana Barros , representative of Synergia Socioambiental.

During the presentation, the guests discussed the choice of the Climate Plan as the main sender of the CBMC letter, the leading role of state governments – and the absence of the previous Federal Government – ​​in the formulation and implementation of public policies related to climate , climate justice and environmental racism, mitigation and adaptation, among other topics of great relevance.

For Adriana Barros, the climate agenda has intensified over the last few years and the direct impact on people’s lives, in different territories , is already very visible, especially for the most vulnerable populations . She points to the fact that it is to reduce this impact that companies like Synergia need to act: “For Synergia Socioambiental, being part of the discussions and propositions about the climate emergency allows us to debate and act closely in the process of building and implementing responses to climate change, collaborating and strengthening the vision of climate justice, human rights and the fight against environmental racism, in addition to reinforcing the need for engagement and social participation for effective actions, a fact that is so present in our work”, he comments.

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