Synergia presents at Exposibram 2023 with a panel on the socioeconomic performance of mining

Posted in: 09/14/2023

Synergia Socioambiental was present at Exposibram 2023 , the largest mining event in Brazil, promoted by the Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM) . The Brazilian Mining Expo & Congress took place between the 29th and 31st of August , in Belém (PA), and brought together business and government leaders .

In its 25th edition , the event brought as one of its main themes the challenges of reconciling mining activity and sustainability , also considering the sustainable development of communities and respect for environmental laws .

This year, Synergia – which has built a long history of solutions focused on the mining sector – made its debut as a speaking company at Exposibram, with the theme “ Socioeconomic Performance of Mining: from Local Development Initiatives to Engagement in Global Causes ” .

In the panel, the company highlighted services and strategic actions for effective socioeconomic management in mining. In addition to the historical context and trajectory of the sector’s socioeconomic performance, the growth of socioeconomic and environmental services in the industry and future trends for social investments in the area were relevant topics covered during the presentation.

Exposibram 2023 - Leonardo Barbosa presents panel Photo: Synergia
Leonardo Barbosa, specialist in Environmental Sociology, presented the panel on the socioeconomic performance of mining. Photo: Synergia

Leonardo Barbosa, a specialist in Environmental Sociology who was in charge of the Synergia panel, highlights the importance of the company actively participating in the event : “Exposibram brings together the main mining companies that currently operate in the country and contribute in a very significant way to the GDP. So, this industrial sector has a very important place for economic development for the country. But, in addition, Synergia is a service provider for the sector and its participation reinforces this relationship between supplier and client. Most of Synergia’s customers are in this place. Being here also shows that a consultancy company is attentive to the main events in the area and has a leading role, being able to talk about its experience in a debate panel, in a technical lecture”, he points out.

The expert also highlights the way in which the mining sector needed to adapt to deal more maturely with socio-economic and environmental activities : “Mining brought demands for sophistication of services. Synergia understood this and, in fact, perfected solutions and improved its techniques, whether for registration or territorial studies, among others. Today, you have cutting-edge technology within Synergia to provide this type of service. There was an increase in demand, as well as an increase in Synergia’s technical and professional expertise over the years”.

Synergia Team at Exposibram 2023
The Synergia team attended presentations at Exposibram 2023. Photo: Synergia

For Angelita Sime Marques Silva, commercial director at Synergia, this edition of Exposibram stood out because, in addition to bringing companies’ concerns about sustainability and ESG practices , it helped to create an overview of the maturity level of customers., and potential customers, of Synergia in relation to the theme: “This year’s Exposibram was very focused and brought themes that, for Synergia, have been values ​​for many years. As we are a socio-environmental consultancy, topics such as ESG, diversity, inclusion, legal consultation and participation of indigenous peoples – for any expansion or installation of a new venture – are part of our daily lives. Understanding the moment and level of maturity of clients is very important so that we know which approach to follow and provide specialized consultancy for each of them”, he comments.

In addition to Exposibram 2023, IBRAM promoted the Amazon and New Economies International Conference during the week , a meeting that brought together world leaders to debate how new economies can encourage income generation combined with sustainable development .

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