For the second consecutive year, Synergia is a finalist in the Inclusive Communication category of the Diversity in Practice Award

Posted in: 09/06/2023

Synergia Socioambiental is, for the second consecutive year , one of the finalists for the Diversity in Practice Award , promoted by Blend Edu, the main HRtech and ESGtech specializing in diversity and inclusion in Brazil.

Nominated in the “ Inclusive Communication ” category , with the case “ Synergia Women’s Month Campaigns 2022 and 2023 ”, the company competes with public and private institutions that are a reference in diversity and inclusion in Brazil .

The winning practices will be announced at the Diversity in Practice Summit , a digital event, free and open to the public, to be held on September 26, 27 and 28 . You can follow the result and learn about outstanding cases, just register by clicking here .

Diversity in Practice Award
Diversity in Practice Summit, a completely free digital event, on the 26th, 27th and 28th of September. Image: Reproduction Diversity in Practice Summit

The event, which is in its third edition , aims to inspire, train and mobilize more companies to create possible and sustainable inclusion actions , in addition to presenting the actions and methodologies that are already being applied by the main companies in Brazil to promote diversity. .

According to the organization, more than 240 practices were entered , culminating in the selection of 1 to 2 winners within the 8 categories : Inclusive Leadership, Inclusive Culture, Representativeness, Education and Empowerment, Accessible and inclusive infrastructure and processes, Inclusive Communication, Inclusive Business and Structure Internal. Among the evaluation criteria are:

  • Innovation
  • Results and Support
  • intersectionality
  • Representativeness
  • multidisciplinary

A group of specialists in diversity, ESG, HR and management was responsible for analyzing and selecting the submitted practices. In addition to Synergia Consultoria, among the finalists in the “Inclusive Communication” category are the companies AR&CO, Lab678, MetrôRio and “Ouça Mais Alto” ​​– a biweekly podcast about diversity on Google Cloud.

Case “Synergia Women’s Month Campaigns 2022 and 2023” and Inclusive Communication

Finalist in the “Inclusive Communication” category, the case “Synergia Women’s Month Campaigns 2022 and 2023” presented the actions implemented in March 2022 and March 2023 . The thematic (practical) campaigns selected for this award were:

The Synergia Women’s Month Campaigns (2022 and 2023) were innovative in structuring the approach to guiding communication, based on inclusive, non-sexist, anti-racist and non-capacitating language .

Gender equality Internal_3_Photo Central Unica das Favelas_Daniel de Araujo Ferreira_Disclosure
Gender Equality and Legacies. Photomontage by Synergia on a photo by Daniel de Araujo Ferreira. Single Central Disclosure of Favelas

Both aimed to provoke reflection and inform based on legitimate and current guidelines related to Diversity and Inclusion issues . With a focus on the fight for human rights, they were able to engage the public against femicide, guiding and raising awareness about how the culture of patriarchy works .

The Synergia 2022 Women’s Month Campaign integrated the vision of the legacy of Synergia Socioambiental collaborators with the women of the communities served by the projects in different territories.

Departing from the theme and highlighting what each woman contributes to the world and what she reaps from what was built by many others, the campaign addressed issues such as female mobility , women’s participation in agriculture , the influence of gender in housing and sustainability issues , participation in the labor market and in politics, among others.

Climate justice for them - black women with protest signs
Climate justice for them. Synergia photomontage on EPA photo

The 2023 campaign focused on climate justice , engaging the public in regeneration and conservation actions to combat climate change and on the importance of women playing a leading role in climate justice , considering that the effects of these changes affect mainly girls and women in vulnerable conditions .

The Synergia 2023 Women’s Month Campaign also addressed several examples of actions carried out by Synergia itself in its areas of operation. These actions focused on development , professional training , strengthening and transforming these women into agents of transformation in their territories, also demonstrating the importance of the reparation economy in reducing the impacts that affect women, girls and other minority groups.


SDG5 – Gender equality
SDG10 – Reduced inequalities

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