Synergia holds the 1st edition of its Training for Acting in Involuntary Displacement Projects

Posted in: 10/24/2022

Synergia held in Mariana (MG), between the 20th and 29th of September, its first Training for Acting in Involuntary Displacement Projects . Aimed at students and professionals in the region, the training was 100% free and included online meetings and a final face-to-face meeting, in addition to a certificate of participation .

The displacement of families and communities has become a reality in Brazil in recent decades, both as a result of major infrastructure works and environmental disasters . Synergia has been operating in these scenarios for many years and, therefore, created the Training for Acting in Involuntary Displacement Projects.

Involuntary Displacement Resettlement DAEE
Displacement and conflict mediation project at the Lavras Housing Complex . Photo: Synergia

The purpose of the training was to share the company’s experience in territorial relations with people residing in the city of Mariana and region , areas where some of Synergia’s biggest projects are involved.

In addition to seeking to serve people who intended to improve their professional skills to work on involuntary displacement projects , the training included a selection criterion that directly dialogued with the company’s social responsibility values.

Thus, 20 vacancies were offered , 50% of which were directed primarily from the perspective of gender and race . That is, according to the number of applicants, if it exceeds the number of vacancies, the following conditions would be prioritized:

  • black and brown women
  • black and brown men
  • Professionals/students of Applied Human/Social Sciences.

Participation was high: the training had almost 200 registrations . The goal of promoting diversity and inclusion was achieved, with the final group being composed only of people from the territories (Mariana and Ouro Preto), mostly women and black people .

For Selma Singulano, project coordinator at Synergia and one of the speakers, the training differential was the way the lectures were organized , given by 2 different people at each new meeting, which favored the multiplicity of debates and different points of view on the issue of involuntary displacement. “All the people had experience with involuntary displacement, which was our theme, but with specific focuses. This format helped us pass on the content, because the professionals have different experiences, with different speech profiles”, points out Selma.

During the training, 4 main topics related to the process of involuntary displacement were addressed:

What is resettlement – ​​with Alessandra Benevides and Vinícius Corrêa

How to act in resettlement projects – with Daniela Cabral and Selma Singulano

How to follow the post-occupation process – with Cleide Braz and Marciléia Toledo

General practices for acting in resettlement processes – with Cleide Braz and Selma Singulano

Involuntary Displacement - Resettlement CODIN Vila da Terra
Resettlement project and resumption of production activities at Açu Superport. Photo: Synergia

Selma highlights two important points about Training to Work on Involuntary Displacement Projects. The first is the fact that Synergia is recognized for its solutions related to the displacement of people and communities, a fact that adds value to training. “Our projects have also been multiplying from a theme perspective, but commuting is still one of the company’s ‘flagships’. Being able not only to act on these projects, but also to talk about it, and share accumulated knowledge, is very important because that way we leave this perspective of only project performance and also enter the line of social responsibility, sustainability and how to discuss it from another perspective way”, observes the project coordinator.

The second point raised by Selma Singulano is the possibility of training people considering the theme, which is not usually an object of study and formal specialization. “You don’t study resettlement in undergraduate or graduate school. It was a very interesting opportunity for these participants. Some did not know the subject. Others, who already knew him and had even worked with him, said ‘There are many things I already did in practice, but I didn’t know where it came from or why I was doing it that way’. This is the greatest wealth for people, this possibility of training on a topic that you will not necessarily find anywhere or in any way”, comments Selma.

Involuntary Displacement - students and teachers of the course
Class in a face-to-face closing meeting of the Training to Work on Involuntary Displacement Projects. Photo: Synergia

For Deivid Franklin De Paula, who participated in the training as a student, Synergia’s initiative in the territory brought a lot of knowledge to the people who participated: “It was very clear, it was possible to understand all the stages of an involuntary displacement, understanding that there is a work humanized, which goes hand in hand with technique, and which is always necessary for any large-scale project. This, always showing the importance of restoring the dignity of those affected by displacement. I cannot fail to mention the instructors, who always demonstrated technical mastery of the subject and the ability to involve all those who participated”, says Deivid.

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