New ANM Resolution No. 95/2022: check out the main changes in the regulations on Safety of Mining Dams in Brazil

Posted in: 02/24/2022

New ANM Resolution No. 95/2022 for dams. Photo: Vale Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure/Vale

Close to the expiration of the deadline for the de-characterization of all upstream dams , the National Mining Agency (ANM) published the new ANM Resolution No. 95/2022 .

The regulation provides for dam safety rules that must be complied with by mining companies in favor of safer processes . Ordinance DNPM 70.389 and resolutions ANM 32/2020, ANM 51/2021 and ANM 56/2021 were revoked.

Among the updated and added rules, the recommendations on classification of dams , tailings piles, critical risk controls , drained piling, registration engineer (EdR), risk management process (PGRBM), situations and levels of emergency , criteria for generating the Dam Break study and minimum technical qualification of companies and consultants.

The new resolution was not clear regarding the end or extension of the deadline for the de-characterization of all upstream dams , which, according to the 2019 law, expires on February 25 of this year.

The National Mining Agency had already identified that many of the companies responsible for these dams would not be able to complete the decommissioning of their structures by the deadline.

According to recent news, some of the main mining companies are preparing to ask for an extension of the deadline , under the allegation of great complexity in dismantling these dams.

In Minas Gerais (MG), a state hit by the biggest dam accidents in Brazil , only 5 of the 54 upstream structures have been mischaracterized so far, according to information from the Minas Gerais Environment Secretariat. The ANM, in turn, considers that there are currently 46 structures upstream in MG, among which 31 are still at risk.

Read ANM Resolution No. 95/2022 in full .

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And the article published by Luiz Paniago Neves, Safety Manager for Mining Dams Brazil at the National Mining Agency (ANM): Emergency situation of mining dams in view of the new ANM Resolution No. 95/2022

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