Scrum Methodology: we have tested the use in the Socio-Environmental ambit

Posted in: 11/26/2020


Chart used by us to apply Scrum methodology

Do you know how the Scrum Methodology can help your company, or team, to work better and in less time?

Here at Synergia Consultoria Socioambiental, we have been supporters of the methodology since 2015.

Adopted on an experimental basis, as a methodology for management and planning of socio-environmental projects, Scrum has gained hearts and a guaranteed place in our daily tasks.

Check out a little bit of our experience with the method and how it helped in delivering value to customers!

Getting to know the Scrum Methodology

In short, Scrum works by defining goals, performed in predefined sequences and exposed for the whole team to see and follow. The idea is to divide a big goal into smaller pieces.

The goals must be reached in defined time intervals, or cycles, called sprints by the methodology. At the beginning of each sprint, a meeting is held to plan everything that will be done during it.

The team itself determines the amount of work that must be completed at that stage. The tasks selected as priorities are noted in post-its, glued on a wall where it is possible to visualize their progress.

At the end of the sprint, the team meets to check the progress of the activities and their results. It also analyzes how many post-its were completed.

Besides allowing an almost immediate feedback, the methodology helps the team to check if it is following the right direction of the work and can correct errors before completion.

The book Scrum – The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, by Jeff Sutherland, is the official manual about the method.

You can also find a lot of explanatory material about Scrum on the internet.

We indicate this very complete text on the subject.

And a video that can help you better understand how the method works in practice:

How our company took advantage of the Scrum Methodology


The Scrum Methodology is strongly recognized within the technology as an approach initially developed to be applied to software project management.

The initiative to adopt the Scrum Methodology in the socio-environmental context arose from the experience over two years of projects carried out in partnership with Caiena, a technology company that stimulates the country’s development by producing innovative solutions for knowledge management.

This partnership resulted in the Socio-environmental Intelligence System (SIS), a software for primary data collection in the field.

Through a computerized system, composed of web and mobile technologies, it monitors, measures and allows the management of information exclusively in a digital environment.

The system was a great acquisition for our work, as it allowed us to increase information fidelity, reduce inconsistencies and make decisions more assertive.

For Vinícius Salsotto, specialist and manager of Information Technology at Synergia Consultoria, SIS “delivers high impact results, because it is built in an iterative and incremental way, delivering value frequently and thus reducing project risks. This approach has been applied in the socio-environmental context with very instigating results”, he comments.

What was the result of using the Scrum Methodology?

Today, almost 5 years after the experiment started, the team has spread the knowledge of the Scrum Methodology to the other areas of Synergia.

They were able to check immediate results in the company’s processes, and recognize the benefits of adopting the method:

  • Transparency in the project’s progress
  • Risk reduction
  • Higher product quality
  • Frequent delivery of value to the customer

In this context, Salsotto concludes: “Whenever a project establishes its focus on the essential, walking in an incremental manner, based on transparency, learning and continuous quality, all those involved gain from the process”.

Visit the website and check out some of our success cases. Can you identify where the methodology has helped us to facilitate processes?

And in your company, where do you think the Scrum Methodology can help deliver value to the customer?

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