Synergia participates in public hearing to debate the fight against floods

Posted in: 10/05/2023

The state of Alagoas has been looking for solutions to combat the floods and droughts that hit the region throughout the year. To this end, Fátima Canuto, deputy and president of the Health and Social Security Commission , proposed a public hearing to discuss actions to prevent floods, which are more frequent in winter, and drought, which affects the countryside and hinterland of the state. 

The hearing, held at the Legislative Assembly of Alagoas , in September, had the objective of starting debates for the preparation of a project that allows the prevention of damage caused by floods in the state and included the participation of associations, entities, experts and professionals in the field.  

Gabriela Goulart, Environmental Manager at Synergia Socioambiental, presented a lecture on the risks of natural disasters from the perspective of food, water, energy and socio-ecological vulnerabilities , and highlighted the importance of nature-based solutions and the creation of public policies related to event mitigation climatic. 

Alagoas region in the midst of floods. Photo: Civil Defense/Disclosure
Public hearing debates actions to combat flooding. Photo: Civil Defense/Disclosure

The audience also featured lectures on water infrastructure for water preservation , with professor Alex Gama, and the rainwater containment plan for critical precipitation events , with professor Fernando Pinto, among others. 

Following the public hearing, deputy Fátima Canuto aims to create a document and forward it to the responsible authorities, so that preventive measures can be taken to combat flooding in Alagoas. Furthermore, the creation of a technical committee is expected to carry out visits to the regions affected by the floods, to produce on-site studies . 

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