Book These Sustainable Women reaches its second volume and addresses individual and corporate commitment

Posted in: 12/28/2023

The second volume of the book “Essas Mulheres Sustentáveis” – launched on November 22nd, during the Ethos Conference in São Paulo – brings a collection of technical and inspiring articles related to sustainability, produced by more than 40 women experts on the subject.

Two members of the Synergia Socioambiental team contributed to the development of the books, Eliane Dal Colleto, a communications specialist, who participated in both volumes, and Adriana Barros, institutional relations manager at Synergia, who contributed to the first volume.

Since 2017, the women responsible for the texts have combined their experiences to discuss different topics about sustainability and related areas. The group became interested in producing the texts and, finally, in launching the books.

The second volume of “These Sustainable Women” aims to bring experiences and knowledge from the area, whether academic or corporate. In addition to mixing approaches that contextualize the challenges faced by productive sectors, the production explores transformative solutions.

Book brings valuable knowledge on topics such as ESG, human rights and circular economy. Image: disclosure

The book addresses themes associated with sustainable development and explores the paths to integration between sustainability and corporate management. Furthermore, it reinforces individual, collective and business commitment, and the urgency in accelerating decision-making.

The first volume of the book, released in July 2022, addressed the historical panoramas, evolution and practical tools to support the knowledge of organizations, including reinforcing the concepts of sustainability within business. The texts also brought the professional experiences of the women who produced the book and the subjects that most demand a sense of urgency in the area.

Adriana Barros, who participated in the first volume, told a little about the group’s expectations regarding the production: “When they confirmed that the launch of the 2nd volume would be during the Ethos 2023 Conference, the year celebrating 25 years of the Ethos Institute, it was a great joy for the many women members of the Sustainable Women Group. Knowing their text means knowing that not only training and professional experience count towards the challenges of development and a sustainable future, but also individual values, collective collaboration and exchange, the role and worldview of women, who come conquering several spaces in this important agenda”.

Check out the books “These Sustainable Women” vol. 1 and 2, available for free download:

These Sustainable Women – Volume 1

These Sustainable Women – Volume 2

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