Training trails: All for Work network invests in professional training in Barcarena (PA)

Posted in: 01/12/2023

Access to the world of work is a right for both men and women, but entering the market can be a major challenge , especially in locations far from urban centers. The All for Work Network , in the city of Barcarena – PA, proposes to overcome the difficulty of long distances and infrastructure limitations by carrying out training trails in decentralized communities, to promote professional guidance.

The training trail is an idea that emerged in the articulation of solutions for training and professional qualification within the scope of the All for Work Program . In 2022, 4 editions were held. The communities that received the initiative were: São Sebastião, Vila Nova and Cupuaçu . A version of the track was aimed especially at women seeking jobs in industry, with the Operational Program for Women .

Networking makes it possible for the programming of each trail to bring together partners from the All for Work Network who master the content and who understand the best way to integrate the prior knowledge of the person who is going to learn, theory and practice .

Training trails in the Cupuaçu community.
Training path in the Cupuaçu community. Photo: Ruana Furtado

Especially educational institutions , human resources professionals from companies and the public service are the partners who make themselves available to be in the communities to carry out workshops, lectures or workshops on relevant topics for the insertion of unemployed people in the labor market.

In the case of the implementation of trails by the All for Work Program in Barcarena, another important factor is understanding the reality of the communities served and adapting the program and training trails to their needs.

The training trail can help people in the learning process to connect with the subjects , building and uniting knowledge about a topic in a collaborative and complementary way , based on the use of different tools and media. In addition, they provide inclusive learning , promote autonomy and increase the possibilities of the professional to get a job in the job market.

The All for Work Program

Unemployment rates , which increase inequalities and delay development, are concerns for the city. In addition, local companies indicate the lack of skilled labor of male and female workers who meet the necessary profiles to occupy available vacancies.

It is in this scenario that, in 2018, a broad socioeconomic diagnosis was carried out in Barcarena, identifying challenges and potentialities and mapping agents that could collaborate in some way with a local development project. Around 2160 workers were directly interviewed and answered a very broad questionnaire.

To support this study, interviews were conducted with companies to understand the profile of the local workforce, the issue of qualification , education and access challenges . This work was carried out by Synergia Socioambiental , which also continued to support the articulation of the All for Work Program and the Executive Secretary of the Network.

The All for Work Program began in that same year, 2018, taking into account the results of the diagnosis , which guided the beginning of listening and social dialogue with the segments in Barcarena.

Training students on training trails in the Vila Nova community
Training participants on a training path in the Vila Nova community. Photo: Ruana Furtado

The Program has been a space for broad social dialogue, thinking about actions related to the theme of work in the territory as a structuring factor, to be treated with a development strategy for the city.

The need to look at the territory and its needs in an integral way made it possible to:

– the organization of a network of partners, with representatives of the municipal government, companies, workers’ unions, non-governmental associations and teaching institutions;

– the collaborative elaboration of a broad short, medium and long-term action plan, based on 4 axes:

  1. Access to work;
  2. Training and professional qualification;
  3. Work and income alternatives;
  4. Network articulation of the actors involved.

In addition to the articulation with the institutions, another highlight of the program is the approximation with local leaders , who have demonstrated intense mobilization, organization and engagement, being closely monitored by the communities.

The development of the work is being facilitated by the fact that it is being carried out by a multidisciplinary team , dedicated to carrying out the facilitation , moderation and articulation , in addition to having a process with routines and organized methods that was actually incorporated in the territory. Increasingly, the program is gaining strength, breadth and being seen by society as an important and well-consolidated strategy .

Inside the Training Trails

The training trails answer questions on axis 2, focused on access to knowledge , social training and professional qualification .

Sandra Faé, specialist consultant, explains that this axis considers the training of male and female workers both for the salaried market and for alternative work and local income generation . And it proposes an integral reading of the person – adding technical knowledge and personal improvement . This axis deals with integration strategies involving research and teaching institutions, local companies, non-governmental organizations such as Senai and Senac and local companies, among others.

Training students on training trails in the Cupuaçu community.
Participants in the training course held in the Cupuaçu community. Photo: Ruana Furtado

The training trails are made up of circuits of 12 meetings , on average, which can be made more flexible. They can be directed to:

  • workers in general, who seek insertion in the labor market;
  • women, in a circuit that also dialogues with the insertion of women in the labor market;
  • apprentices, in a circuit that considers specificities when bringing content about what it is like to participate in a selection process, for example;
  • organizational and associative work of entrepreneurs, focusing on content related to enterprises and small businesses.

The main objective of the trails – in addition to meeting the community’s demand for applied knowledge that is easily accessible within the territory itself – is to approach, in a multidisciplinary and complementary way, the essential contents so that the person is prepared to seek insertion in the job market. work.

Among the topics covered in the workshops, some stand out:

  • Young people in action: citizenship and the world of work
  • Communication: the importance of speaking well and making yourself understood
  • Personal Marketing: focusing on employability
  • Job Interview: How to win your job in the job market
  • digital literacy
  • non violent language
  • Oratory
  • Vocational orientation
  • Find out about professions and opportunities in Barcarena
  • Strategic planning
  • Tips: How you can apply for jobs
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