Synergia presents the Corporate Social Responsibility Guide in the 2022 Electoral Process, created in partnership with the Ethos Institute

Posted in: 09/06/2022

Synergia collaborated with the construction of the Corporate Social Responsibility Guide in the 2022 Electoral Process , launched by the Ethos Institute , of which it is associated, and other partner companies.

And to disseminate the Guide, with the aim of keeping employees aligned with the company’s purposes , values ​​and positioning in these elections, Synergia promoted an internal live with a large participation of its teams.

The event took place last Friday, September 2nd , and featured an opening speech given by the founder and CEO of Synergia, Maria Albuquerque , and with the participation of Ricardo Nobre Simões , Compliance director, who presented the Compliance Guide. Corporate Social Responsibility in the 2022 Electoral Process .

Adriana Barros , Institutional Relations manager, Alexandre Araújo , Sustainability and Social Responsibility strategic advisor, and Patrícia Queiroz Prado , People Management director – people who actively participated in the Guia development initiative – were also present at the launch.

In addition to the internal live, Synergia prepared a summary material for employees, entitled Good Practices in the 2022 Elections , with the aim of being a support for quick consultation and direction to the Ethos Institute Guide.

Get to know the Corporate Social Responsibility Guide in the 2022 Electoral Process

The live presentation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Guide in the 2022 Electoral Process addressed how the material and its guidelines can contribute to the positioning of companies during the election period.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Electoral Process - person voting in electronic ballot box

The Guide brings important content for understanding the electoral process and the changes that occurred in the 2016 electoral reform . That is, the material addresses the need for debates , reflections and actions , focusing on how this impacts on political choices, including the construction of public policies that promote guidelines, such as inclusion and diversity .

The Ethos Institute pointed out, in a survey for the creation of the Guide, that 90% of partner companies believe in the importance of social responsibility in elections . However, 85% of them do not have internal policies that address the issue.

For this reason, the Guide seeks to guarantee a space for action and democratic debate , based on the encouragement and participation of companies, as social mobilizers , which guide their employees on the agendas that are part of their daily lives, such as voting consciously, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental, social and governance (ESG/ ESG ) action agendas.

Another important point addressed by the Corporate Social Responsibility Guide in the 2022 Electoral Process is the care in complying with the Code of Conduct for companies. Organizations have the role of directing their collaborators on the best practices and ways to proceed during the electoral period, such as seeking knowledge about the Anti-Corruption Law , the guidelines for donations and, also, the detachment of their individual actions from the company name .

Check out some topics covered in the Social Responsibility Guide:

  • How elections work in Brazil;
  • What is democracy;
  • Financing of party campaigns;
  • Participation of minority and/or marginalized groups;
  • Responsible positioning;
  • How companies can encourage diversity in elections;
  • How to prepare your collaborators in the electoral period;
  • Best practices to avoid fake news ;
  • Agenda for sustainable development in Brazil;
  • Research on social responsibility in companies;
  • Between others.

Do you want to get to know the Guide’s content better and understand the importance of companies’ positioning and commitment in the electoral process?

Click here to download the Corporate Social Responsibility Guide in the 2022 Electoral Process .

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