Social development: why does your company need to care about the people and territories in which it operates?

Posted in: 11/19/2020


Women hold material of the Mover Program

Not thinking about the social development of a region can directly affect your business or enterprise.

And, on the other hand, your enterprise also directly affects the social development of a region.

This is what more and more companies are discovering.

Read on and find out why your company cannot stay out of this topic.

Social development is a two-way street

Yes, if social development consists of positive changes in the relationships between individuals, groups and institutions of a society, it also reflects positively on your company’s results.

The duality of the relationship between companies and communities can occur in several areas, especially when we think of this type of service applied to projects in public and private sectors.

For the public sector

The social development indexes of an area can be decisive in several instances.

Therefore, projects that add knowledge and invest in training and education, that favor the generation of employment and income are important, but also respecting the ways of life of this population

In the case of direct interventions in the society and environment of the region, such as constructions in the sectors of Housing, Health and Sanitation, the results can be immediate.

However, even if they are long-term results, they do arrive.

All this is reflected in the final indicators of public management, increasing popularity and improving the image of the government responsible for the interventions.

For the private sector

The monitoring of the social development of the region where the company operates is fundamental.

In the first case, to provide material with which it is possible to work in the area and develop a relationship of trust and exchange with the community.

In the second case, for companies that work with the commercial area directly aimed at customers in the region, it is necessary to strengthen positively the image of the company.

In the last case, for enterprises that may impact the surrounding communities, causing some damage, investing in social development solutions becomes one of the answers to remedy possible consequences.

How do we apply social development solutions to the public and private sectors at the same time?

In 2013, Synergia had the opportunity to put into practice a social development project that involved both the public and private sectors.

Initially designed for Anglo American, the main objective of the Mover Program was to qualify residents of the region to occupy 3,000 positions in the Minas-Rio project.

However, it would bring so many other benefits to the area that, in 2014, a partnership was signed with the Minas Gerais State Education Secretariat.

This was because, among the goals, it was to reduce the evasion of Senai courses aimed at training labor for mining. A fact that made it look even more interesting to everyone.

Thus, the services brought benefits to the municipalities of Conceição do Mato Dentro, Serro, Alvorada de Minas and Dom Joaquim, in Minas Gerais.

Get to know some of the actions that were implemented:

  • Social management for attracting, qualifying and retaining local labor.
  • Elaboration of a digital tool ( for Anglo American’s human resources area.
  • Socioeconomic research, together with 7,349 households, to characterize the target audiences and raise the issues of interest to the vídeo classes.
  • Bus Mover: equipped with 16 computers and internet access, it travelled through the municipalities to develop actions focused on digital inclusion and orientation on specific themes focused on professional qualification.
  • Workshops and lectures focused on the theme of entrepreneurship and community empowerment.
  • Sharing of educational tools (Website and Bus Mover) for 7 schools, benefiting about 1,000 high school students and 140 teachers and managers.
  • Implementation of new methodologies, such as Grassroots Comics and Conversation Wheels, which enabled students to get to know the professions available in the job market.
  • Action “Coffee with Teachers”, which approached and sensitized 80 teachers to the use, in class, of the tools offered by the program.

Social development is the way

As you could follow, public and private sectors will have specific results, related to social development, for your areas.

However, in general, everyone benefits from the social development solutions applied to their respective objects of interest.

In the end, the population benefits by achieving protagonism and, obviously, social development.

The companies and public agencies responsible for the implementation of the projects benefit through the good image, related to the concern with the community, the social responsibility that they present and, also, the social development of the community itself.

It is a game in which everyone wins. And many have already realized this.

Take the opportunity to know our success cases, find companies that already invest in social development and get inspired.

And if your company doesn’t want to be left out, look for our consultants!

Synergia Consultoria Socioambiental has the best solutions in the Social Development area.

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