Synergia is evaluated and reaches Rating A in the survey Best for Brazil

Posted in: 04/27/2023

In June of last year, Synergia was evaluated by the Best for Brazil survey, using the Humanized methodology , which advocates that in order to lead in a New Economy , oriented towards stakeholders, companies need instruments capable of capturing perspective and change habits of multiple audiences – leaders, employees, customers, partners and society in general – and identify strengths, weaknesses, risks and strategic opportunities for the business.

Best Research for Brazil
Synergia achieves Rating A in the Best for Brazil survey. Source: Humanized

The Best for Brazil Survey identifies and recognizes organizations that value the principles of a more conscious economy and the humanization of the relationships they have with their audiences. Based on the disclosure of the practices of these organizations, the research encourages positive transformations in businesses across Brazil so that, in this way, they are active agents with a positive impact on their ecosystems and communities.

The company’s evaluation, from a multi-stakeholder perspective, helped us to understand how Synergia can deliver more value and improve its relationship with each of its publics.

Synergia’s result was obtained from the perception and participation of 600 stakeholders . We received 370 responses from the internal public (leaderships and employees) and 230 responses from the external public (customers, partners and society), with a reliability of 95% and a margin of error of 5% of the general data. All the material was consolidated in a comprehensive report delivered by Humanized – Conscious Business Assessment (CBA®), which detailed Synergia’s assessment from the perspective of multi-stakeholders.

Best Research for Brazil
Meaning of Ratings ratings. Source: Humanized

The main highlight of this result, the Rating A , a rating index comparative to the market – calculated using algorithms that synthesize the respondents’ perception – presented Synergia’s score in 1841 out of a total of 2400 , which expresses the high level of the maturity stage and quality of relationships with its multiple stakeholders, involving leaders, employees, customers, partners and society in general.

From the classification with the 11 evolutionary levels (AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, B, CCC, CC, C, D and E), Synergia’s score resulted in the High Level – Rating A , above the market average and with the strong orientation towards generating value for people and the planet , based on the evaluation and scoring of the 4 dimensions of the survey, namely:

  • Brand Reputation;
  • Management Principles
  • Organizational culture;
  • Stakeholder narratives.

It should be noted that, according to Pedro Paro, CEO of Humanized, rarely does a company reach level A in its first assessment , which generated praise from the classifier for the reputation achieved by Synergia in relation to its audiences.

Best Research for Brazil
Ratings Scale. Source: Humanized

The Humanized Rating methodology is inspired by renowned credit agencies, such as Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch, which instead of analyzing the credit risk of a country or organization, analyzes the potential for creating value for all stakeholders in a sustainable and consistent way.

Rating upgrades correlate with a number of organizational indicators . It means achieving better ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Performance, customer satisfaction, innovation, well-being, trust, diversity, transparency and ethics. Consequently, it also means obtaining better financial results in the medium and long term.

Best for Brazil Award

Due to the A Rating result, Synergia was invited to participate in the Best for Brazil Award , an award event that took place in March of this year (2023). The event was dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the journey of organizations that seek to be increasingly sustainable, humane, ethical, diverse and innovative .

The recognition ceremony for the highlights of the 2023 edition of the survey brought together organizations that are doing business in a more humane and sustainable way , positively impacting both their results and the country’s development.

Check out the main survey results and the list of companies, and their respective ratings, in the special section of issue 156 of HSM Management .

For Adriana Barros, Synergia’s Institutional Relations Manager, the company’s participation in the event was of great importance because, in addition to recognizing companies with a rating above BBB, the event highlights companies that have been investing, improving processes and management, and relating with its stakeholders, based on more conscious development values, prospering in results and positive impact, in addition to greater engagement and participation with its different audiences. 

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